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Title: Truth and falsehood - the sword of God and sword of honor.
Post by: Soccer on January 07, 2022, 11:07:00 PM
The intention behind our actions is our state. If we are looking at God and he is our goal, the intention and our state is to constantly see him and the power of his remembrance and light will grow.

What disconnects people from truth, is they prefer their desires of falsehood and don't seek God and his face, but rather their actions are for other then him.

The way to connect to truth, is to cut the arms of Satanic forces upon us, with the sword of God and help of God's forces and Angels. Everything becomes easy when you detect and split between the false energy and the energy and power from God.

If you can't recognize the sword of God and your own sword of honor, then, you should try to listen, for they both thunder in your soul telling you to pick them up and use them.