Revisiting the "Twelve Successors" hadith.

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Revisiting the "Twelve Successors" hadith.
« on: November 26, 2022, 06:30:44 PM »

There are five things to notice and must referred back to Quran in the hadith.

(1) Twelve
(2) rule/have authority over
(3) Successors
(4) honor of the religion/affair of Mohammad (s)
(5) Quraysh

As for 1. We see verses in Chapter 2, 5, 7, 9 about this.  And We have discussed them before.
As for 2, the context in Quran is God is the true King and has the true authority in heavens and earth.
As for 3, to succeed Mohammad (s), you have to be chosen by God, otherwise you cannot and it would be an empty claim.
As for 4, the Quran shows true honor is something hypocrites don't see in believers, and especially on the onset of trials.  However there is a lot in Quran how honor belongs to God Messenger and believers and does not belong to disbelievers.  To try to measure the honor of Islam materialistically and that believers cannot face oppression is unfair justice to what it means for Islam to remain honorable. In fact, this is a sign of hypocrisy to talk about glory of Islam in a materialistic sense.
As for 5, the Quran shows the true collective that protect and glorify the Kaba are the Mutaqeen (God-fearing) and no one else.

By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the journey in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


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