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The eyes of love and justice we must act upon. And it is origin is eternal love that is by which all personalities get their exact defined value from, when the light of eternality was immersed to that of the light of time.

It is the true judgment by which we must submit to. It is the wisdom which leads to everlasting peace. It is the sacred power that is vested to grow.

It is the connection to the Highest reality, a skyward sword, by which we are to ascend and draw closer in ranks.

It is the leader, the reminder, the face of God, the name of God.

Those who know it, know themselves, and those who forget their Lord and the mystic link (may God hasten his appearance) by which they are connected, have forgotten themselves.

No doubt the biggest injustice is avoiding guidance of God and preferring one's desire over it, and all good is following it and preferring over the falsehood and deceptions of the dark enemy.

It is the love of the family of guidance, holding on to them in darkest moments, and appreciating them in the brightest moments as well.

It is the love of Mohammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Hussain and nine leaders from the offspring of Hussain.

It is the belief in the Authority of God who is truly the King of the universe and humanity.

It is the belief in the authority to the extent we negate it from all those who God has not given authority to.

It is believing in the authority of the light and not mixing with it any darkness or illusions.

It is believing in the truth and not mixing it with falsehood and deceptions.

It is sincerity to God to the extent he is valued above all else and hence the only thing and being that is worshipped.

It is realizing and connecting to the rope of God and hand hold of God.

It is believing in the Messengers and Prophets.

It is believing in those who possess the authority of the past chosen families and the final one.

It is no doubt clear and bright to those who know it, while confusing and perplexing to those who mix their false judgment with that of the eyes of God on earth, the witnesses who are the means to truly know ourselves in the best possible way we can know ourselves, even though God knows us best and our exact value is known to him alone.

It is helping God. It is being with the truthful and honest ones.

It is avoiding deceiving oneself, and being true to yourself.

It is accepting proofs when shown to you and being in search of the truth and being thirsty of wisdom.

It is sincere valuing the ultimate value by which all values are derived from, and appreciating all the value he has created.

It is loving the beloved by the light of his face and name he has appointed us to connect to him.

It is boarding that ship, which is by the name of God in its sailing and anchoring...

It is trusting it's founding Captains and the succeeding Twelve Captains.

It is believing in their number and the way of God being precise, wise, clear, and manifest in guidance in the past to the present, with clear guidance in the authority and affair of the religion.

It is believing in the great authority of the chosen families.

Is it submitting to guidance of the guides who guide by his command.

It is being attracted to the beauty of God's names, and testifying to those who are the signs of God and indications and proofs of God.

It is being drawn to the poles of our time, those pulling us towards the beloved Lord of the universe, and calling us from the depths of our souls.
Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.