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Title: Welayah of the Faqih - Isa (a) successors - Elyas (a) and Simon (a).
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The disciples of Isa (a) although highly pious are not chosen like Prophets (a). Elyas (a) took on the position of the pole of time and Guide but was hidden after Isa (a) left. He was the holy spirit that God guides by and light of the world after Isa (a).

However, just as Isa (a) would talk to general public and people are in need of general leadership and authority,  it was Simon (a) that succeeded Isa (a) in that sense. In this sense, the disciples of Isa (a) were leaders for people and the one they chose as head was Simon (a) and also Jesus (a) emphasized on Simon (a).

We can see there is two type of leadership after Isa (a), the one in public because there was no Messengers from God in the open, was Simon (a). The Guide that shows miracles and is the holy spirit and light of the world was Elyas (a).

So much of the Gospels is devoted to explaining why Elyas (a) came back with Jesus (a) and what's the proof for it because of course some people witnessed Elyas (a) but not everyone did. So there was also philosophical proof in which the position of the guide is discussed with himself, Yahya (a) and Elyas (a).

We can take in today's time, the learned from the followers of Ahlulbayt (a) need to fill the vacuum of general leadership and carry on the banner of Ahlulbayt (a) in public.  And just as Simon (a) was singled out of the disciples although all disciples were pious and learned, we should pick one of the learned scholars for this position.

Of course, ideally, the chosen ones are unlike normal people and we want leadership all to be in the hands of the chosen king, but just like Isa (a) ascended, and Elyas (a) went to Ghayba and was the Imam on earth but Simon (a) the general public leader, we need scholars to take on this position.

Now because leaders can deceive or turn astray, the form of WF in Iran, is good, in that, they watch the leader and can always remove him. But because this is a holy position of the Prophets (a) leadership, it should be something we elect all the time, but let the person as long as he is the best to our knowledge in performing to be the leader.

The leader should be followed for the current events, but for religious knowledge, I believe, there is but Twelve luminaries to be turned, and there was but twelve Captains of the ship of salvation raised by God, and this sense, Simon (a) does not succeed nor replace the position of the Prophets (a) of Bani-Israel.

Same way, Khamanei (ha) is to lead us in current events, but doesn't replace the Ahlulbayt (a) for religious and spiritual thirst and enlightenment, but he is one of many speaking on their behalf, like the disciples of Isa (a), and he like Simon (a) is picked out for leadership and unity, is our leader for rallying and unity and to lead the believers in our current affairs.