Why Quran is repetitive.

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Why Quran is repetitive.
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Paraphrasing the same things over and over again is the bread and butter of Quran.  There are many unique mentions, especially Surah Baqara, which has a lot of unique things, but repetition occurs in Quran a lot.

Some people see this is a bad thing.  It's one of the criticism of disbelievers often. However, if you pay attention to similarities as well differences, you will find in that lies the subtle way God makes Quran contextualize everything it says, preserves it's meanings, and opens doors leading to other doors in Quran.

It's eloquence lies in that, it's going to emphasize the same message again and again, and again, but differently, with subtle dimensions, aspects or emphasis differently Surah to Surah.

Lastly, the smallest Surahs near the end, summarize entire themes found through out Quran that have been repeated. Their eloquence is due to that.

If it were not for how much Quran repeated Tawhid, Surah Ikhlaas would not been what it is. It is there and ultra eloquent for it's relationship to the rest of Quran as well as to how the Quran ends with the small Surahs.

Imamate of Auli-Mohammad (s) is clear. All you have to do is contextualize Quran with Quran, and let it paraphrase the same truth over and over again and put the words about Auli-Mohammad (s) in Quran in context with similar words of past chosen families and leaders of guidance.

Try to put the mini-context with the greater context in the Surah and the Surah with respect to how the same topics are brought up in other Surahs.

This will give you a clear book of illumination.  Soften your heart out of fear of God and love the family of Mohammad (s) at least to the extent you won't deny the clear words of God pertaining to them.

If you cannot fear God to that extent, you will lose the next world without question.
Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


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