Companions cannot lie

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Companions cannot lie
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A fun little topic, Shia always use random narrations or general verses and jump to wild conclusions, Ayat-ul-Tathir is one example. Below I shall prove (using Shia methodology) that the emigrants (Includes Abu Bakr, `Uthman etc...) were all divinely protected from lies, in that everything they say is truthful and correct.

I present the evidence:

{For the poor emigrants who were expelled from their homes and their properties, seeking bounty from Allah and [His] approval and supporting Allah and His Messenger, [there is also a share]. Those are the truthful.} [59:8]

They are described as "Truthful" meaning anything they say is truth otherwise they wouldn't be truthful.

Now Shia will of course argue, that this verse actually refers to Ahlul-Bayt only, since other emigrants were hypocrites and did not seek God's pleasure through their actions.

This will prove problematic however, since the next verse talks about the Ansar (supporters)

{And [also for] those who were settled in al-Madinah and adopted the faith before them. They love those who emigrated to them and find not any want in their breasts of what the emigrants were given but give [them] preference over themselves, even though they are in privation.} [59:9]

If the previous verse was discussing only Ahlul-Bayt, then Shia need to accept that the Ansar were believers BEFORE them. Meaning, Ahlul-Bayt were disbelievers when the Ansar were already believers. On the other hand, if they accept our point, we'll force them to believe that the emigrants in general are infallible as they are ALWAYS truthful.

Then they will need to be Sunnies since the Qur'an says:

{O you who have believed, fear Allah and be with the truthful.} [9:119]
عَلامَةُ أَهْلِ الْبِدَعِ الْوَقِيعَةُ فِي أَهْلِ الأَثَرِ. وَعَلامَةُ الْجَهْمِيَّةِ أَنْ يُسَمُّوا أَهْلَ السُّنَّةِ مُشَبِّهَةً. وَعَلامَةُ الْقَدَرِيَّةِ أَنْ يُسَمُّوا أَهْلَ السُّنَّةِ مُجَبِّرَةً. وَعَلامَةُ الزَّنَادِقَةِ أَنْ يُسَمُّوا أَهْلَ الأَثَرِ حَشْوِيَّةً

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Re: Companions cannot lie
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Assalamu Alaikum


Re: Companions cannot lie
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as Salam Alaykum.

Kulayni narrated in his “al-Kafi” (1/65), and Majlisi said it’s hasan (good):

3 – علي بن إبراهيم، عن أبيه، عن ابن أبي نجران، عن عاصم بن حميد، عن منصور بن حازم قال: قلت لابي عبدالله عليه السلام: ما بالي أسألك عن المسألة فتجيبني فيها بالجواب، ثم يجيئك غيري فتجيبه فيها بجواب آخر؟ فقال: إنا نجيب الناس على الزيادة والنقصان، قال: قلت: فأخبرني عن أصحاب رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله صدقوا على محمد صلى الله عليه وآله أم كذبوا؟ قال: بل صدقوا، قال: قلت: فما بالهم اختلفوا؟ فقال: أما تعلم أن الرجل كان يأتي رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله فيسأله عن المسألة فيجيبه فيها بالجواب ثم يجيبه بعد ذلك ما ينسخ ذلك الجواب، فنسخت الاحاديث بعضها بعضا.
Ali ibn Ibrahim has narrated from his father from ibn Abi Najran from ‘Asim ibn Humayd from Mansur ibn Hazim who has said:”I said to (Imam) abu ‘Abdallah (alaihi salam), ‘It is confuses me that when I ask you a question and you give an answer and then other person comes and you give a different answer for the same question.’” The Imam replied, “We answer people in a larger and reduced forms.” I then asked, “Did the Sahabah, companions of the holy Prophet speak the truth or lies when narrating his Hadith?” The Imam replied, “They spoke the truth.” I then said, “Why then they have differences?” Have you not considered the fact that a man would come to the holy Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ali) and ask a question and would give him an answer and then he would answer that would abrogate the previous answer. Thus, Ahadith abrogated other Ahadith.”


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