The different levels and modes of Quran for humans.

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The different levels and modes of Quran for humans.
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There is a state of Quran, where it's not even trying to convince a human that God exists even though there are clear proofs in Quran for that and clear reminders proving he exists. There is a state of Quran where it's not even trying to prove if God exists he would've sent Messengers although there is many proofs for that.

There is indeed a state of Quran that all it is asking, and at a stage Mohammad (s) as well with the Quran, was just asking nothing but this, is to simply consider it POSSIBLE that Mohammad (s) is on a clear proof, consider possible, that it is true, and along side that if it is possible, to act on some conditions of it (like reflecting over it's verse, letting go of arrogance, loving the oppressed and poor, some justice with your money and caring about others) and then for sure, it will guide you.

There is a state of Suratal Fatiha where it's not even asking for humans to believe it's from God or to pray by it, but just consider the possibility that God wants to guide you and all he is asking is to have a seeking for guidance spirit.  That's all he wants.

Indeed, the reason why Messengers (a) couldn't succeed, is because humans couldn't even so go far as enjoining on each other to give the message a chance.  That is, leave the possibility open of it having proofs. 

Miracles were seen as sorcery - but why? Was is it a notion people automatically believe? It was mainly because most people don't reflect at all and have shunned talking about truth and religion, whatever religion they follow on earth and whatever time, to be that, of something delegated to others to dictate to them and for them to trust blindly.

Religion and politics is meant to be grassroots knowledge, but it has never been.

Nuh (a) ultimately failed because they followed other affluent leaders. The mention of wealth and children, implies, like Moses (a) faced with the Pharaoh, that he was probably a lot less "rich" in wealth then these people.

And because truth is so strange and the sorcery makes it look weird, unclear and unappealing on first impression, Musa (a) for example was said the following about by Firon:

1. Can't speak clearly  (this is despite his words are eloquent and make complete sense)
2. Is of low status wealth wise compared to Firon so how can God have chosen him.
3. No Angel brought with him
4. He is a sorcerer
5. Firon will eventually ascend to whatever beings and sky he is getting his power from him
6. Is lowly/vile/contemptable

The last one, it's hard for us to imagine, but at the end, Pharaoh's people did follow him and did look down upon and weakened in their eyes Musa (a) despite the fact the clear miracles also made him the highest.

The believer of Auli-Firon didn't even want them to believe per se, all he was asking,  now that miracles are presented and for all they know,  Musa (a) is telling the truth, to not try to kill him, and just let Bani-Israel go.

Al-Qutb writing heavily emphasize Firon was not willing to accept any of this because he would lose power, but Nahjul Balagha showed,  Musa (a) and Harun (a) said if he let's bani-Israel go, he can keep everything of his kingdom and they won't contend with it.

But he couldn't even do that much. 

And indeed there were Messengers (a) that per Quran, all they asked, was to not prosecute believers, and let God judge between them.  But they hated believers so much on account of their jealousy towards the Messenger, they prosecuted them.

And indeed Quran shows this is ultimately because disbelief itself stems out of rebellion to one another, and that hate towards believers is such that believers always seem low, stupid, idiots, fools, and are mocked in the eyes of disbelievers.  They are usual of the poor class, so that adds to it.

Nuh (a) - the biggest contention he faced, was that his followers were all nothing but low vile humans per the eyes of the majority of his people.

It was basically the thugs and outcasts - the poor - the nobodies - the losers - the ones who were contemptable in terms of the religion of that time, they weren't pious like the rest as well, no good reputation in any sense, neither for fame in this world nor did they have reputation of being pious in religion.

Reputation was such that, that, all Nuh's (a) followers were seen like this.  They had the worse reputation.

Indeed, part of Quran, it's saying, just consider it possible you don't know people as they are meant to be known. It maybe your perception has been warped by evil magic and evil forces of Iblis.

Consider it possible.... Not asking you to believe.   

The hadiths of Ahlulbayt (a) also appear to be stupid, simple, or outlandishly strange or unclear,  to many humans.  To understand the words of Ahlulbayt (a) - takes also a condition.

Ahlulbayt (a) are asking you- consider it possible - that dark forces don't want you to perceive their clear words of light and far reaching wisdom that cuts the falsehood and destroys it.

They are not asking you to believe in every report attributed to them, all they are asking, is to reflect, and give them a chance to cure you.

But humans want everyone to speak but God, and want everyone to speak about what can be from God, but God's chosen.

Everyone keep talking and talking - but God forbid we begin to talk about God's words (Quran) and seek clarity from the family of the reminder regarding it.

Let's not give that even a chance of being a way of seeing and perceiving insights.

Certainly - there is a stage of Quran, all it's asking you is to care a little bit about truth.  Just a little to give some time of your life to researching and reflecting.

But people are so engrossed in apathy towards the truth, apathy towards helping the oppressed, and apathy to recognizing and helping the chosen ones and their followers, that, even the Quran as majestic as it is, and as clear as it is, has yet to unite humans on the path.

And it's becoming so bad, that if the Mahdi comes, it maybe that very few believe and most of the world destroyed, because of this disease we have spread and enjoined on one another, as if going against it like taking away air or water, society will collapse if we begin to talk about religion and seek truth together.

By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the journey in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


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