Are numbers is sacred with God or random and irrelevant?

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Are numbers is sacred with God or random and irrelevant?
« on: March 25, 2017, 06:54:42 PM »

I believe numbers are sacred with God.  One reason I believe this is because I believe the beauty of things spiritually are created with truth and numbers are linked with that.

10 and 7 for example are related to our deeds. There is "7 heavens" and"7 earths", but also our actions are reward by multiplication 10.

We also see multiplicity in hadiths with "7" to "70" or "70 000" veils.

But the reality is those who know Islamic Art, know that it mostly came to representing beauty with a compass and doing things with that.

I believe that 7 days in a week is not random for example, that just as Twelve Months has been a sacred number with God, so are 7 days in a week.

Humanity always distorted the religion of the Prophets but over all these sacred numbers appear in most places and cultures even if there is disagreement on their meaning.

The veils related to "10" is important, that is why we have "the night of Qadr" within last ten nights.

10 and 20 also relate with the circle of descent with ascent, and there are some hints in Quran in significance of 20.

But is 7 not an important number?  I believe it means there is a universal reality we are all connected to, and that our actions are measured in truth. 10 is also important because it shows how we traverse those stages, that God multiplies our actions in whatever heaven in reaches by which he raised the "good word" (faith).

There is also examples of trees, and so we can say there is for those who truly spend in God's way for the sake of God, 7 seeds, and they all multiply and so the multiplication can be 10 or 10 000 it doesn't matter.

6 is important because it shows the descent and veils because the throne is the last stage which although is a veil, is really God manifesting as much as he can to the servant.

I would say the sacred number and water is not unrelated, in that even physically, there is "7 levels" of clouds that can descend rain.

The golden means I don't think is random either, but I think manifests that goodness and beauty is linked to balance, and the more "good deeds" we do with a balance in life, the more beautiful our souls become.

The balance between wrath and forbearance, love and hate, courage and fear, etc, is something that Islam emphasizes on. For example it's good to have faith in oneself but to not the extent one becomes arrogant.

I believe numbers are sacred. Some Sufi tafsirs talked about "twelve" with regards to a circular ascension, I believe in the names of Imams a long with nick names shows this constant circular way.

That is while 10 is by which make our steps, and 7 is ascension, the way we go from one heaven to another, is always by a full circle.

The four foundations related to this circle is also key, because those are moments in which you "take" a significant step higher.

That is one significance of the four birds and four mountains, although a real miracle, also had spiritual significance with how we are revived. When we make it to all four foundations, our hearts flies to the center, by which we must ascend again.

19 Angels in most probability has to do with this reality but the other way around. That 7 doors, and constant circle of 12.

This is not a difficult thing to think about if we think of programming, you have functions doing everything, and you have abstract. The Unseen is more real then the outward, but the outward all has a relation to the higher worlds.

The highest book and tablet can be seen as a program, so instead of future being written linearly, it's written with nested if statements and so on and so forth, but everything that is going to happen happens in that book before it comes out to this world.  This means we really live in that book and science is discovering this where our brain chemicals are formulated before the action occurs that predicts the action.

So even in hell which is created in the negative opposite way, has a sacred number with Angels.

This is because God is the ultimate programmer, and if you understand programming and inheritance, you will see that the Unseen BOOK is like that, it descends to the outward through a series of inheritance, and our actions ascend and descend in truth.

No number is totally irrelavent, for example, take "two", this importance, because part of God's Names is duality, and part of creation is duality, and everything has a pair.

So it's sacred, but we know this essential, because we would not know anything without things being either true or false.

The most important thing is to thing of things either true or false, and truth and falsehood don't go together. But the split in the two mountains of water is also important, because the path sometimes is the middle between two extremes and combines the two.

Oneness is important, for both the grand name of God which unifies all things and to recognize the oneness of God through his name and that perfection cannot be one.

There is no duality in the essence of God, nor mulitiplicity, and ultimate life and greatness by virtue being ALL greatness and perfections has to be but one reality.

The names of Imams are also not randomly placed in the order they are. Neither is Salah divided randomly, and the sacred numbers of all this is in Quran.

Every number is sacred, even 5, even 3, even 9 which are all found in Quran.

The taghut and 9 are interlinked as in breaking the SEHER and falsehood with 9 signs, and the 9 men who did mischief in a city.

The issue is regarding succession, it was TWELVE that was emphasized on. You may not know why but you should discover why.

14 is also important in that there is 14 different sequences have sacred mysterious letters in Quran. The thousand years, and 14 000 years, talked about by the family of Mohammad, mostly likely alludes to this as well.

The question is MATHEMATICS not important or is sacred?

We know without 2 being sacred our reasoning as in logic would not be possible.

The Angels are all acting to a mathematical program that is spiritual as well.

40 is definitely important to "sacred" colors of God's glory and beauty, and this is no surpise if we recall four foundations and 10. These can be further divided as in the case of 70 000 veils.

3 is and 30 is also very important, in that journey can be really simplified to three stages. Darkness with dim light, bright light in the darkness, and that bright day. And we can see that middle journey can be really fastly done, so we shouldn't be overwhelmed by 70 000 veils, because it comes down to really 3 stages.

And this comes down to patience, you have to have resolve in begining and trust though things might not be so bright, and then patience, and then the end result is sweet and reward.

So 3 and patience go hand to hand, and patience is essential to reason and the path.

There is essential 3 veils in another sense, one blocking the star, then the moon, then the sun.

The more we understand everything is created in truth, we will see mathematics is interlinked with each subject related to truth.

3*3*3*3 with four foundations with 3 traversals,  and twelve is not random number either as a result either.

So all numbers are sacred I believe.

99 share and 1 share to Dawood probably meant something metaphorical to Dawood, perhaps, aside from the hasty judgement as he was terrified by the Angels knowing God was trying him, it has also had a metaphorical meaning and perhaps the 99 names hadiths comes with that as we know there is more then 99 names of God in Quran. IT perhaps made him realized how thankful he has to be about God, and there is perhaps 99 names that will make us realize why God gave us free-will and made us have a share in the favours of God, and it's those names that if we realize we will enter paradise as it makes us realize the favor of God of his religion and commands, the 100th name can be the hidden name which keeps us advancing in the knowledge of the 99 names as it unites them all, and is the ring that holds them all together.

And this can be hinted to mean 10*100*7 with the 70 000 numbers emphasized in hadiths.

And so are we being created randomly? Chaotically? Or is there a mathematical book by which Angels act upon, and by which everything get's in form and creation from?

Forgive me for the blabber and ambiguities, but the topic of sacred numbers has been brought up, as if they don't have significance.

Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


Re: Are numbers is sacred with God or random and irrelevant?
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1+2=3 but with 3 multiplied with 4 (no of best khulafa) its 12. That is an undeniable truth that the real imam should only be 12
 ;D ;D ;D.


Re: Are numbers is sacred with God or random and irrelevant?
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Is there a shia hadith that the twelfth will never marry or have children?Will he die a virgin?If not,then how can the Imams be only twelve?Maybe the Imams are now in thousands!
 If a number is sacred in Islam,it would be seven and not twelve
There are seven verses in the first sura in the Qur’an.During the rituals of Hajj, the pilgramage to Mecca, pilgrims walk around the Kaaba seven times.Pilgrims are also required to throw seven pebbles at each of the three walls representing the Devil, story of the Seven Sleepers in Quran, Seven Heavens, The Seven Gates of Hell,aqiqa when child is seven days old and 7 component that build up the word ALLAH  in arabic


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