The ancient illuminati in Arabia

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The ancient illuminati in Arabia
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You should know about Astrology and that people of Mohammad (s) would worship Satan jahratan per Imam Ali (a),  but the best translation I can think of it, is in the open outright explicitly (all three are implied in the word in this context).

There was soothsayers and sorcerers filled in his people.  Medina were Messianic Jews waiting for Mohammad (s), the history records them as Jews, but they believed in Jesus (a) per Quran and really where Ansar (Christians) but not the type that believed in trinity so they didn't call themselves Christians for that reason.

Mecca was about to be destroyed by God like other cities in the past, and was almost destined to this point, per chapters of Quran.

It was these people waiting who gave the refuge for him to preach and invited him to be his city. The Quran says that God and Mohammad (s) never revealed the names of these people lest they be killed. So these unknown people to this day were the reason why Becca/Mecca was not destroyed and yet God didn't reveal them because they would be killed by these very people who they saved and prayed for their safety.

Mohammad (s) had to protect the city, and as Becca sought to threaten him, Mohammad (s) tactically had to go to war and protect the city. And thus the trials for these people began, some hated the idea of martyrdom and others didn't mind yet others craved it.

As for Mecca, there was two sorcerers there, I won't name them, but per Quran, there was a person who Satan himself is the Qareen (companion of spiritually/possesses) that spent money and was famous for it but did it to show off people. The aya is in the 4th chapter, I will let you find it since I quote it, some person might start arguing about the meaning. I gave you the implication so if you find the verse, than it shows less bias in seeing it that way (we both know the verse without me showing it).

The one who Satan is himself the Qareen is Abu Lahab/Gog of the time and magog are sorcerers who follow Gog closely and they have themselves all roles in the world to do with Jinn close to Iblis.

Magog spread hadiths about the Pharaoh and Haman they believed in of their time, and did it outright fabricating so that people become confused so the Prophet (s) said "whoever lies about what I say, let him seat himself in hell".

There was thus a falsehood and sorcery of Satan was preparing to enforce it in people's mind. Surah Tahrim shows there was a plot by the enemies of Mohammad (s) from disbelievers and hypocrites, and that two wives had to make a choice, either them or him. 

To warn them, he gave an example of wives of Lut and Nuh, who betrayed them. And to encourage them he gave the example of Asiya who was married to Pharaoh but took side of truth.

And lastly, reminded, as women, they have an example chosen by God (Fatima), so reminded them of Mariam (a) and her exalted status, saying, take side of purity and the chosen lady of light for how women should act and be treated, don't side with Pharaoh and Haman in their plans to bring society and world to a debauched sexual state and turn to God and disbelieve in the Jinn worshipers and their plots.

Thus marriage to two wives was a tactical display that God and Mohammad (s) knew these people all along and their plots, and the marriage was to expose them eventually as they would foolishly plot through the two wives.

No names mentioned of enemies so far, but you should know, Mohammad (s) was accused of being a sorcerer or possessed by evil beings, when he performed miracles.

Some people believed, yet, it can be some sorcerers remained on disbelief, and sought to come to Islam to (1) try to learn the secrets of his power (ie. since they think it's sorcery)(2) plot against who they see as an evil lying sorcerer or one possessed by demonic forces.

These people always plot against the revelation and fight the Prophets, and seek to kill them per Quran, they believe there is no good and evil acts per se, and it's about compassion and freedom and making your own decisions in real time (no need of a book from God or Authorities appointed by God). Yet they themselves without proof of either their Satanic Jinn who they think are Angels who think are daughters of God mostly with some sons of God, but almost all daughters.

You should know the Quran doesn't say these daughters don't exist, but rather, they aren't daughters nor Angels nor good nor guiding nor truthful, but Iblis forces.

The two that plotted against the Nabi and were Pharaoh and Haman mentioned in the verse of Surah Qasas and their army, and the promise to make Imams (a) for the oppressed and belittled in the earth, is in present future continuous and so the Pharaoh and Haman though the chapter talks about the one Moses' faced after, are not the past Pharaoh and Haman, but a current two.

The hadiths from Nabi (a) show this verse is explicitly about Ahlulbayt (a) and I leave you to find the hadiths about who these two were from Du'a Saname Quraysh which speaks not only of sorcerers but those who the sorcery called to showing each were an Abu Lahab of their time. As well the hadiths naming two men.

Aside from that, the Nabi (a) died in Imam Ali (a) hands, but was poisoned (Surah Tahrim was to show this plan was delayed but of course it happened eventually because God chose matyrdom for the Nabi (a) and this his words 'if he dies or is killed, will you turn on your backs?").

The people had a choice, companions of Mohammad (s) were tired and some too apathetic, but Fatima (a) woke them up to their senses, and so they spread the truth.

Imam Ali (a) and Fatima (a) would both together (kind of romantic same Du'a) in every Qunoot that exposes the truth of what really happened including the fact some believers if not many were killed by these two and that Quran became to face Tahreef in meaning and hadiths burned and hidden, and that all the misfortunes to follow for the world, would be on their necks.

The Du'a is beautiful and is of the nature that Quran speaks of words of God as well as his chosen (for example some sermons of Imam Ali (a) can't be made from anyone but the exalted ones) when he says "and they (devils) cannot do it for they are from the hearing far...."

Du'a Saname Quraysh is beautiful and of exalted nature, that Imam Ali (a) and Fatima (a) came up together, when they faced what they faced.

Their followers would pray behind them, and I testify Imam Ali (a) like the hadiths all show, continued to do it even when he was given the "Caliphate" per Sunni definition.

The Du'a is passed in a way that is more authentic then all hadiths. Our Du'as have been passed down in undoubted manner, but do research as to why, as it's a lengthy explanation why they are more authentic then any "tuwatur" of any hadith including Ghadeer and Hadithal thaqalain which are undoubted transmissions in hadiths.

It's not less beautiful then our other Du'as, and there is nothing doubtable about it's spirit and content.

May God have mercy on all the souls who suffered to pass it on, and yet passed it on to us. May he join us with them.
By the name of God, the (universally) Compassionate, The (extremely) Compassionate; for the unity of the Togetherness; Is their unity in the journey in the winter and summer. So let them Worship the Lord of this household. The one who fed them from hunger and gave them security from fear.


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