The Shia version of Islam is pessimistic?

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The Shia version of Islam is pessimistic?
« on: February 12, 2016, 11:15:01 PM »
لسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Now, I'm sure you're all aware that the Rafidah's religion is all centered about Ahlul Bayt and how they were oh, so persecuted. No one's gonna disagree that cursing the Sahaba Ra is a virtue in their religion. It's their historical context of Islam.

So further ado, let's get started. The Rafidah state that Rasoollulah SAW was attracted by hypocrites, trusted hypocrites, and married hypocrites and that these hypocrites were hiding their kufr and expressed openly after his demise. Ali get's his "Imamate" ripped off thrice. First, after "letting some cowards who fled from battles kill his kid, and drag him like a dog". I also saw yasser Al khabeeth(la) narrate some fairy tale that Fatima Ra threatened to flash her hair to Umar and Abu bakr Ra to prevent them from taking bayah. So, hatred to the Prophet, and two authentic instances of nasibism towards Ahlul Bayt. The Rafidah must've lost brain cells during Ahusra to say they love Ahlul Bayt  ;D ;D. The 3rd time, he got ripped off, willingly by attending a Shurah council, organized by the very man who "killed his kid". When he finally becomes caliph, he has to deal with the Muslims 3 times, Siffeen, Jamal, and Nahrawan. After Nahrawan, the cursed Ibn Mulajim martyrs him. Hassan becomes caliph and eventually gives bayah to Muawiyah Ra, a reviled Sahabi in Rafidi sources. Best part: he told him to act in accordance to Qur;an and Sunnah, what??? Isn't Muawiyah a Kafir??! This is like giving a criminal a badge and gun and telling him to protect the law with it.. So, the Rafidah hate umar Ra for giving an Ummayad authority, but the 2nd Imam made an Ummayad Amir-Ul-Mumineen. Eventually, we drift to Hussain Ra, who betrayed by the Shiat of Kufa. Then we have all these 12 imams and ironically the Shia say these are the 12 mentioned in our hadith. But if you look at it, they were all "poisoned and persecuted" despite haviing Ilm-il-Ghayb, while Bani Abbas and Bani Ummaya spread Islam all the way to Al-Andalus.

The 12th Satanic imam will come and it's not the evil wahhabis who kill him, but a bearded woman from Bani Tameen, a tribe that Rasoollulah SAW ordered not to speak anything but good about them.

I believe, I've made my point. It must be depressing being a Rafidi. Fortunately the only Sunnis who actually join them are are deviant mushirk sufis who probably weren't even Sunni prior to becoming rafidi
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They asked how many will be with the one I hate. I said 313


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