They say umar(r.a) was a userper

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They say umar(r.a) was a userper
« on: July 04, 2020, 10:16:34 AM »
The least that can be said  about the rafidhi character assaniation of Umar (r.a) is ,' ridiculous'.
The shias will argue that Umar kept Prophet (s.a.w) from writing his will,in which he was to nominate Ali (r.a) as his successor,and thus userped Ali(r.a) 's  right to Khilafah.
But they will ignore neither did he himself became the khalifan immediately and he nominated Ali at his death bed , while depriving his Son completely from it.

We read in sahih Al Bukhari hadith no .3700
".The people said (to `Umar), O chief of the believers! Appoint a successor. `Umar said, I do not find anyone more suitable for the job than the following persons or group whom Allah's Apostle had been pleased with before he died. Then `Umar mentioned `Ali, `Uthman, AzZubair, Talha, Sa`d and `Abdur-Rahman (bin `Auf) and said, Abdullah bin `Umar will be a witness to you, but he will have no share in the rule.     
Intresting enough is the shia argument that Umar (r.a) accepted islam for ulterior motives only ,and actually he had in him hattered for Allah's Prophet and islam.
We say the truth of a person is most obvious at the time of his death the same hadith (3700 ) reads.
. .   color=green].Umar then said (to `Abdullah), Go to `Aisha (the mother of the believers) and say: `Umar is paying his salutation to you. But don't say: 'The chief of the believers,' because today I am not the chief of the believers. And say: `Umar bin Al-Khattab asks the permission to be buried with his two companions (i.e. the Prophet, and Abu Bakr). `Abdullah greeted `Aisha and asked for the permission for entering, and then entered to her and found her sitting and weeping. He said to her, `Umar bin Al-Khattab is paying his salutations to you, and asks the permission to be buried with his two companions. She said, I had the idea of having this place for myself, but today I prefer `Umar to myself. When he returned it was said (to `Umar), `Abdullah bin `Umar has come. `Umar said, Make me sit up. Somebody supported him against his body and `Umar asked (`Abdullah), What news do you have? He said, O chief of the believers! It is as you wish. She has given the permission. `Umar said, . Umar said, Praise be to Allah, there was nothing more important to me than this.   So when I die, take me, and greet `Aisha and say: `Umar bin Al-Khattab asks the permission (to be buried with the Prophet ), and if she gives the permission, bury me there, and if she refuses, then take me to the grave-yard of the Muslims.              [/color]
 Now shias can chose to deny this emotional display of love as being something from sunnis sources. But how can they Denny the historical and living evidence for umar (r.a) not making his son a caliph and umar (r.a) being burried by the side of Prophet (s.a.w) .
Do you want to be burried by the side of the person you have been silently conspiring against all your life?
Ponder o shia ponder before the hatered of Umar washes all your good deeds ,while impacting nothing to this mountain of piety.


Re: They say umar(r.a) was a userper
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2020, 10:32:40 AM »
I conclude this thread by the sunnah if Ali (r.a)
%u0633%u0644%u0627%u0645%u0627%u064B %u06CC%u0627 %u0639%u0645%u0631 %u0627%u0644%u0641%u0627%u0631%u0648%u0642


Re: They say umar(r.a) was a userper
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2020, 10:37:00 AM »
Actually i intended to write
سلاماً یا عمر الفاروق
Don't know how this popes up?


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