Why are most ex shia stories about people who werent so religious in first place

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I didn't change my tune, I've expected some basic knowledge from somebody who throws around fancy words like mantiq. No knowledgable person would misunderstood what I said, as nobody has ever stated that the Salaf are an infallible entity. As for Sufis: I just like other Sunnis use this word in a general way, so when I say: "Bid'ah of the Sufis" I mean the heretical ones, I don't need to add "the mubtadi'ah amongst the Sufis", just like when I say: "The Bid'ah of the Shias", I do not hold the belief that all Shias are evil Mubtadi'ah, the early Shias were not, however, it is understood from the context that I mean the RAFIDA. So please stop acting dumb. As for the rest of your rantings: I won't repeat myself, Salamah.

I have only one challenge for you: tell me one credible and qualified Islamic scholar who said the name Ghulam Nabi is an innovation and hence prohibited.
Better ask him names of credible & qualified Islamic scholars who said your died in his own poop guy was a kafir 😂😂


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