Lailatul Qadr -Night Of Power

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Lailatul Qadr -Night Of Power
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The exact date of Lailatul Qadr, the special Night of Power in Ramzan, has been a topic of debate since centuries. Lailatul Qadr is considered special as holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Hazrat Muhammad on this auspicious night. Also known as Shab-E-Qadr, the night of power is regarded as more important that 1000 months. The Quranic chapter dedicated to Lailatul Qadr that is also translated in English as Night of Decree speaks about the Night of Power :
"Indeed the Divine Mystery has revealed this revelation
in the Night of Power: And what will make you comprehend what the Night of Power is?
The Night of Power is better in its status than a thousand months.
Therein come down the Angels and the Pure Spirit by God's decree, for every affair: Enshrouded in Peace this Night! Until the rise of the dawn!" (Surah 97)
In view of the declaration in the holy Quran about the significance of Lailatul Qadr, Muslims all over the world pray whole night to seek forgiveness of Allah on this holy night. They treat it as
crowning glory of Ramzan and consider it as night of spiritual bliss. The matchless importance of Lailatul Qadr is alkso indicated by these words of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad “"Verily this month has come to you; and therein is a night which is better than a thousand Months. Whosoever is deprived of it, is deprived of all good; and none is deprived of its good except a totally unfortunate person"… "Whosoever stands up (in prayer) at the Night of Power out of faith and hopeful of reward, all his accumulation of negative actions will be forgiven."
Most Imamis believe that Lailatul Qadr is the 23rd night of Ramzan. Scholars of other Islamic school of thoughts point out different dates such as @1st Ramzan or 27th Ramzan. Some even includes 19th Ramzan as well. Traditions also offer not much assistance. Some very authentic Hadees also offers no exact date but simply reveal that it is one of the last 10 odd nights of Ramzan. Sufis too have tried hands to find the hints about the exact date of Lailatul Qadr. Despite difference about the date of Night of Power, there is no sect denies that
Lailatul Qadr commemorates the arrival of Quran as the final guidance for humans. It symbolizes the commencement of the message revealed to mankind by Allah to exhibit as to how happiness can be achieved in both the worlds.
It is also believed that Allah and his messenger kept hidden the exact night of Lailatul Qadr so as to propel believers to undertake an intense journey of worship to seek this hidden jewel. Since, the worship and the vigil of the Night of Power are a spiritual treat to the soul, Allah wants the heart of believers to melt into tears of gratitude for all the bounty he has given to the mankind.
Khwaja Abul Hasan Kharkani mentions in his account that  he never missed Lailatul Qadr by following the instructions given by Imam Jafar Sadiq. According to him, Lailatul Qadr will fall as under:
·         If first day of Ramadan starts on Monday, the Night of Power will be on 21st Ramadan.
·         If first day of Ramadan starts on Saturday, the Night of Power will be on 23rd Ramadan.
·         If first day of Ramadan starts on Thursday, the Night of Power will be on 25th Ramadan.
·         If first day of Ramadan starts on Tuesday or Friday, the Night of Power will be 27th Ramadan.
·         If first day of Ramadan starts on Wednesday or Sunday, the Night of Power will be on 29th Ramadan.
Dr. Mazhar Naqvi


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Any source for this quote by Ja'afar?


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Source will be available shortly.
Dr. Mazhar Naqvi


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