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Title: My Biggest sin
Post by: Soccer on June 02, 2020, 08:33:11 PM
My biggest sin
The greatest evil I've ever done
Was letting the dark sorcery overwhelm me and overpower me
Darkness that came into me through sins
To the extent that I despaired of your compassion and love
And the towers of hope were broken and turned upside down
Till I despaired and wanted to die
But you saw me weak
Too weak to bear it and defeat it
So you sent rains of your help
Rains from your compassionate sky
Till my soul was revived
After despairing
Indeed you are the Guardian Master
The Praiseworthy
My second biggest sin
Was that I sought from people
What I should've sought from you
Forgive me my shameful past
And let move forward
Make focus on the present
And not live in either the future or the past
Empower my sword
By the sword of your chosen ones
By their holy light
By their sacred love
Guide me to you
For they are your beautiful names
by which I titled you great titles
And believe in you
And so guide me through them
And manifest them and adorn them to my heart
And make me as a result understand a lot from your book
Amen Lord of the Worlds