A few questions for Sunnis on Radical Islam

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A few questions for Sunnis on Radical Islam
« on: October 10, 2016, 03:00:27 AM »
 1. Do you deny that the Qur'an judges the companions of the Prophet (sawa) and that they are on different levels? And do you deny that there were hypocrites among the companions who caused trouble for Islam? And that some companions after the Prophet (sawa) passed away turned their backs on Islam?

"And Muhammad is no more than a messenger, the messengers have already passed away before him, if then he dies or is killed, will you turn back upon your heels? And whoever turns back upon his heels, he will by no means do harm to Allah in the least, and Allah will reward the grateful." Allah, the Great, has told the truth (Holy Qur'an 3:144).

"And very few of My servants are grateful" (Holy Quran 34:13).

"O You who believe, what (excuse) have you that when it is said to you: Go forth in Allah's way, you should incline heavily to earth; are you contented with this world's life instead of the Hereafter? But the provision of this world's life compared with the Hereafter is but little. If you do not go forth, He will chastise you with a painful chastisement and bring in your place a people other than you, and you will do Him no harm; and Allah has power over all things" (Holy Qur'an 9:38-39).

"And if you turn back He will bring in your place another people, they will not be like you" (Holy Qur'an 47:38).

O You who believe! Whoever from among you turns back from his religion, then Allah will bring a people, He shall love them and they shall love Him, lowly before the believers, mighty against the unbelievers, they shall strive hard in Allah's way and shall not fear the censure of any censurer, this is Allah's grace, He gives it to whom He pleases, and Allah is Ample-giving, Knowing” (Holy Qur'an 5:54).

The Messenger of Allah (sawa) said: “As I was standing, there came a group of people whom I recognized, and a man stood between the group and myself, then said: ‘Let us go.’ I said, ‘Where to?’ He said, ‘To Hell, by Allah!’ I asked, ‘What have they done?’ He answered, ‘They turned back after you had departed, and I expect only a few will reach salvation.’"

The Messenger of Allah (sawa) also said: “I shall arrive at the pool before you, and he who passes by me will drink, and whoever drinks from it will never feel thirsty. There will come to me people that I know and they know me, but we shall be separated, then I shall say, ‘’My companions.’ An answer shall come, ‘You do not know what they did after you left.’ Then I shall say, ‘Away with those who changed after me.’"

Sahih, Bukhari, vol 4 p 94-99, 156, vol 3 p 32; Sahih, Muslim, vol 7 p 66

Anas ibn Malik said: I knew nothing during the lifetime of the Prophet (saw) better than the prayer. He said: Have you not lost what you have lost in it? Al-Zuhri said: I went to see Anas ibn Malik in Damascus, and found him crying, I asked him, "What is making you cry?" He answered, "I have known nothing but these prayers and they have been lost."

“Anas ibn Malik said that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said to al-Ansar: ‘You will notice after me some great selfishness, but be patient until you meet Allah and His Messenger by the pool. Anas said: We were not patient.’

“Al-Ala ibn al-Musayyab heard his father saying: ‘I met al-Bara ibn Azib, may Allah honor them both, and said to him, ‘Bless you, you accompanied the Prophet (saw) and you voted for him under the tree.’ He said, ‘My son, you do not know what we have done after him.’"

Sahih, Bukhari, vol 2 p 134

Sahih, Muslim, vol 2 p 134

Sahih, Bukhari, vol 2 p 135


2. Why are Sunnis reluctant to talk about the first generation of the companions (ie. Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Battle of the Camel) if it is regarded as the golden age of Islam?


3. Do you think it was right and just of Abu Bakr to forgive Khalid ibn Waleed after his disgusting actions? Surely ignoring what he did because of an action of the past is completely unjust and unacceptable.


4. Do you deny that Abu Bakr was a tyrant who ordered burnings and beheadings of people that opposed him? Isn't this what ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and Al-Shabab do today? Why do  some Sunnis stand up against oppressive governments of today and yet completely ignore the original terrorists?


5. In Bukhari, Fatima Zahra (sa) said she didn't want Abu Bakr at her funeral, is that the sign of a natural death?


6. Why do you deny the attack on the house of Fatima Zahra (sa) when it is quoted in your own sources, even quoted by Ibn Tamiyyah?


7. Is it surprising that we have groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc when Amr ibn al Aas, someone revered by Sunnis, burnt the body of Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr before putting his body into a donkey and then burning it?


8. Do you really believe the Salaf years were the golden years of Islam? Years of murders, raping of women, civil wars and the butchering of the family of the Holy Prophet (sawa)?


9. Does it not say that we must follow Qur'an and Ahlulbayt (as) not Qur'an and Sunnah in Sahih Muslim? The Prophet (sawa) said that if you hold onto these things, you will never go astray. If everyone would have held onto Qur'an and Ahlulbayt (as), we wouldn't have radical Islam today.


10. How can you not blame Abu Bakr and Umar for the murder of Imam Hussain (as)? Imam Hussain (as) was killed because of Yazid, Yazid inherited from Muawiyah, Muawiyah was given his position by Umar and Umar was chosen by Abu Bakr. 



Re: A few questions for Sunnis on Radical Islam
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2016, 10:13:23 AM »
Seems a jahil asked these questions. The questioner infact needs proper research so that he/she can raise sensible questions.

Huzaifah ibn Adam

Re: A few questions for Sunnis on Radical Islam
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2016, 12:29:56 PM »
1) There were no Munaafiqeen among Sahaabah. A Munaafiq cannot be a Sahaabi. There were Munaafiqeen in Madeenah, and many of them were known, such as `Abdullaah ibn Ubayy ibn Salool, etc.

2) Which Sunni is reluctant to talk on that generation? If I had the time, I would write Books on that generation. Only Shi`a Kaafirs, because they are all cowards (every last one of them), have the disease of fear.

3) Disgusting according to Kaafir Shi`as. Also, in Islaam, if a Muslim makes a mistake and then repents, his repentance is accepted and it is as though he had not committed that mistake in the first place.

4) Hadhrat Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq رضي الله عنه ordered the beheading and burning out of Kaafirs who deserved it, and we are happy because of that. We are proud of it. We are glad that he did it. It cools the hearts of the Mu'mineen. It was a wonderful thing to do. As for "tyranny", then that is a hallucination of the satanic cult of homosexual paedophiles known as Shi`as.


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Re: A few questions for Sunnis on Radical Islam
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2016, 04:36:30 AM »
In reply to his number 10, in Hayat al-Quloob volume two, the Prophet (saw) told Hafsa (ra) the secret of Abu Bakr and Umar (ra) upsurping Ali's (ra) right. She then tells Ayesha (ra) who tells her father and from that point they pre-plan their 'conspiracy.'

Using his logic, the right of Ali (ra) was taken because of the Prophet (saw). If he (saw) simply didn't say that one phrase (ilm ghaib?) then Abu Bakr and Umar (ra) wouldn't have come up with the plan to take over and Ali (ra) and his descendants would have most likely taken leadership. نعوذ بالله من ذلك


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