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Title: Did Imam ash-Shafi'i seek Tabarruk from the grave of Imam Abu Hanifah?
Post by: Noor-us-Sunnah on July 08, 2020, 10:36:44 PM
This is an answer written by brother @theAynGhayn on Twitter, to a Zindiq Shia of Dajjal(Shia Shogun).

Shia of Dajjal{Shia shogun) stated:
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I heard Shafi'i say: I certainly do tabarrouk by Abu Hanifah and I go to his grave every day. If I have a need, I perform two rak'a then I go to his grave and I ask Allah ta'ala that He grant me the thing I need and this, near his grave. After that my business is quickly settled.

Hafidh Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi in "Tarikh Baghdad" (volume 1, page 123 of this edition) with a good chain of transmission said, according to 'Ali Ibnou Maymoun.

This Narration is weak due to 3 narrators.

1) Mukram Bin Ahmad

Imam Dar Qutni has said it is fabricated and all lies.
This is in the same book this Dajjaal is quoting. Tarikh Baghdad vol 4. pg 209
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 But Shia of Dajjal likes to cherry pick.

2) Umar Bin Is'haq Bin Ibrahim is an unknown narrator, any unknown narrator automatically weakens the narration as we arent aware of that persons authenticity. This is called Majhul.

Allamah Muallami has even stated 'Who is this Umar?' (Umar Bin Ishaq Bin Ibrahim). Indeed i searched the whole of Tarikh Baghdad and couldn't find him, not amongst the strong narrators nor the weak. not even from those other these 2 groups'[ Invalid Attachment ]
3) Although Ali bin Maymoun is classified as a strong narrator, there is no record of Ali bin Maymoun hearing from Imam Shafi'ee which suggests theres a gap in the chain. This is called Inqitaa'.

He even checked Ibn Hajr Al Asqalanis book At Tawaali At Ta'sees, which has all the people that narrated from Imam Shafi'ee recorded.

Ali Bin Maymoun isnt from them.
[ Invalid Attachment ]Scholars of Ahlus Sunnah have also carried out research on this.

Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn ul Qayyim and Sheikh Albani. All have said this narration is baatil and fabricated.

Its evident Imam Dar Qutni was correct in this story being made up.

Dajjaal Shogun has claimed this narration is sound according to Ali Bin Maymoun.
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Show me on this page you brought. Where does it say this? And how is it even logically possible for Ali Bin Maymoun to say it has a good chain, when theres 5 people in the chain after him?! Was Ali Bin Maymoun a time traveller and travelled into the future to confirm the chain of narrators after him are correct?

Using lies to try and show you're on the truth?! You are a person who misguides others. The blind trying to lead the blind.

May Allah guide you. If guidance isn't written for you, may Allah destroy you.
Title: Re: Did Imam ash-Shafi'i seek Tabarruk from the grave of Imam Abu Hanifah?
Post by: Noor-us-Sunnah on July 08, 2020, 11:01:51 PM
 came through with such a poor comeback.. look at him try and justify his lies with more lies.
[ Invalid Attachment ]Firstly this screenshot, just states The Scholars who narrated it. Ibn Hajr Al Haytham did mention it but brings no chain of narrators like your lying books mentioned.

He brings this quote. But the truth is there is not chain of Narrators in Ibn Hajr Al Haythamis book. The book hes quoting from has made this up

Heres chapter 35, Khayrat ul Hisan, wheres the 'sahih chain'?

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he also quotes Tabaqtul Hanafiyyah, which isnt the proper name of the book.

The Book is called Al Jawaahirul Mudiyyah Fi Tabaqaatil Hanafiyyah by Ibn Abi Al Wafa. His full name is:

Abdul Qadir bin Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Nasrallah bin Salem bin Abi al-Wafa al-Qurashi al-Hanafi

Even this is made up. Wheres this other chain of narrators?

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All it mentions is Al Ghaznawi has mentioned from Imam Ash Shafi'ee.

The Author of this Book Ibn Abi Al Wafaa came approx 600yrs after Ash Shafi'ee.

Wheres this other chain of narrators?

Finally, ya Dajjaal, how can it be Amr when its spelt different to Umar.
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Amr is spelt
The waw is silent

Umar is spelt

Which is what's mentioned in the narration. you dont know arabic. that was a fail of an answer.

also, even IF (speculation) its Amr. what of the other weakness in the narration?!

These liars think we wont go back to our original sources and will believe whatevers quoted like how these lot do when they see a interest quote saying Imam Ali