Did Umar(as) steal the title "Farooq" from Ali(as)?

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Did Umar(as) steal the title "Farooq" from Ali(as)?
« on: July 04, 2020, 11:07:43 PM »
Sheikh Al Copy Wal Paste, Ad Dajjaal @Shia_Shogun states that Umar RA stole the title of Al Faruq from Ali RA (May Allah be pleased with both).

@Shia_Shogun has quoted our scholars from our books. However, he doesnt know the sciences of Hadith nor Arabic. So he ends up posting things which also refute himself. I will explain Inshallah.

A few things that we must bare in mind is, the only things which establish anything official & unrefutable as part of our Shariah is Quran, Hadith and Consensus of The Sahabah.

Now, this is what The Dajjaal Shogun has said:
Everything hes quoted is definitely in those books, theres no doubt. But, what This Dajjaal does is, post the exact same narration recorded but from different places. Which makes it easy to prove wrong... its only one narration.

What do the Scholars say of such claims?!

This has gaps in it. a.k.a Munqati'ah

in simple terms: Theres no possible way for Zuhri to confirm his findings.
because hes said 'it reached me'

This is an established ruling in every single Usul Ul Hadeeth book. Every single one. This image proves the ruling on the hadith

You can check the usul in

An Nusakh by Ibn Hajr
Tadreeb by Imam Suyuti
Nuzhah by Ibn Hajr
Taqreeb by An Nawawi
Muqaddamah by Ibn Us Salaah.

All will say the usage of 'it reached me' holds no weight. For this reason, in @Shia_Shogun
 ss. Ibn Kathir himself says 'Its been said'
His statement saying 'it reached me'
- No one knows where he heard it
- He himself hasnt recorded nor mentioned it
- He hasnt heard it from The Prophet ﷺ, because he wasnt alive then.

So, regardless of whoever has quoted what Az Zuhri said, it doesnt change the fact that the narration is weak & not accepted by Ahlus Sunnah.


Re: Did Umar(as) steal the title "Farooq" from Ali(as)?
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2020, 11:23:35 PM »
The Dajjaal also unknowingly refutes himself. Look how he selects things to support his agenda. right underneath theres a narration which shows that the Prophet said: Indeed Allah has put truth on the tongue of Umar, and he is Al Faruq..

Look how selective this Dajjaal is. Anything to prove his agenda.

But wallahi Ahlus Sunnah are not like this. The truth is, this narration of Umar RA is also Munqati'ah and weak according to all of our scholars. so we won't accept this narration also.

However, Sheikh Al Copy Wal Paste refutes himself again through his selective stupidity.

In the same screenshot. It says: It was said to Ayesha RA. 'who named Umar, Al Faruq?' She replied The Prophet ﷺ.
This has also been mentioned in Tabaqat Ibn Sa'd

However, many scholars have stated, that no authentic narration has reached us from The Prophet ﷺ stating Umar is called Al Faruq. As the dajjaal has brought from At Tabari.
But that doesnt prove Ayesha RA statement to be wrong.

How/why was he given the name Al Faruq?

Abdus Salaam Bin Muhsin in Dirasaat An Naqdiyyah says

Both the narrations (of Ahl ul Kitab stating this or The Prophet stating this) are not established. its possible the correct opinion is that the muslims named him this. because Islam became greater and apparent (in the eyes of others) with his Islam. as established in The Sahih.'

Also, if the Dajjal is stating, that the fact the Ahl ul Kitaab named Umar RA this is wrong, what of The Mushrikeen naming The Prophet ﷺ
As Saadiq and Al Ameen? Is the Prophet blameworthy here?

This is why Abdus Salaam Bin Muhsin says:
Theres no prevention of Ahl ul Kitab giving Umar RA this name due to his trustworthiness and establishing truth in front of them.'


Re: Did Umar(as) steal the title "Farooq" from Ali(as)?
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2020, 11:32:24 PM »
Is Ali RA actual title Al Faruq according to Sunni sources?

No, but Sheikh Al Copy Wal Paste disagrees.

Truth is theres 2 different chain of narrators for this, each has an issue:
1- This one has Amr bin Saeed Al Basri
2- Has Abdullah bin Daahir & his Father Daahir Bin Yahya
According to Shawkaani, Ibn Kathir, al Kanani, Haythami, Al Asqalani, Uqayli, ibn Adi, Ibn ul Jawzi, Ath Thahabi.

This narration is extremely weak.

P.S: This refutation was by brother @TheAynGhayn


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Re: Did Umar(as) steal the title "Farooq" from Ali(as)?
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2020, 12:14:57 PM »
That guy has been exposed so many times. Good job for another refutation.
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