Ghadir and Da'wat dhi 'l-'Ashira Was Never Used as Proof For Caliphate

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Why Didn't 'Ali Use These Arguments?

Did Imam 'Ali not use the arguments of Da'wat dhi 'l-'Ashira or Ghadír soon after the Prophet's death because they were just implicit statements? The learned Shí'a scholar wrote: "It is also because of this absence of explicit statement on these occasions that Imam 'Ali never used any of these occasions, including al-Ghadir, to put forward his candidacy as the only rightful successor of the Prophet."[12] This is indeed a novel way of looking at the conflict of caliphate. The Sunni opponent would just extend this view a little bit further and say that 'Ali did not use these arguments because there was no argument at all.

(Shiism: Imamate and Wilayat,
Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi)


They later explain the circumstances to why the Taqiyyah was applied with this story which the 12er Shia copied from the bible.

After surveying the circumstances, what could 'Ali have done?

Let me give you an example to illustrate the decision of Imam 'Ali. During the caliphate of 'Umar, there is a story of an infant who was being claimed by two women as their baby. The decision was forwarded to Imam 'Ali. When the Imam found both women insisting on their claim, he ordered that the infant be cut into two, and each woman be given one half. What was the reaction of the real mother and the fake mother? The fake mother decided to go along with the decision even if it meant cutting the baby into two halves whereas the real mother announced her readiness to give up the child.



Seems strange to use that analogy: As per the Twelver claim the child (i.e. real Islam) was in fact cut up anyway and remains cut up until the return of their Occult Imam, with only indirect ways at best of accessing this 'Reality'.

That is the whole argument of the Twelvers anyway: That our (the Ummah at large) disinterestedness in true Leadership led to the total desecration of Islam. Trying to argue it away with 'sacrifices to preserve the unity of the Ummah' is hollow, since we Sunnis are not considered to be of the Ummah in the first place.


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Good find.
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