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Title: Interpretation of the Suffering of the Prophet (pbuh)
Post by: Rationalist on June 28, 2015, 06:04:38 AM
Here is an illogical interpretation to why the Prophet (pbuh) suffered the most according to this Dozener.

25:00 Ayub (as) suffered through sickness, and if we compare his life to RasoolAllah (pubh) we would think he suffered more.
26:30 So with this comparison what is that causes the Prophet (pbuh) to suffer more. When the Prophet (pbuh) said nobody suffered like I did, he was talking about the present time. He was talking about the events which would occur after his death. Therefore, his suffering the most because what happened to Ahlul Bayt and the killing of the Shia.

31:40 - Jesus is the last Prophet.
31:50 - Ali the last one to kill devil.
38:00 - Makkah will be conquered by Shia