Shaytanyari's Days Are Numbered

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Shaytanyari's Days Are Numbered
« on: December 09, 2016, 02:25:11 AM »
Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah,
Alhamdulilah for the scholar who challenged Ammar Nakshawani that Shaytanyari had to cease the opportunity as his two minutes of fame not realizing that he might seal his own fate and bring an end to his popularity among the Rawaafidh.

Sensing that these scholars in UK are mainly from the Indian subcontinent, Shaytanyari has been conducting lectures in Urdu, issuing them challenges and calling them at random times for debate.  After he called Moulana Zafrullah Shah (from his own show), Moulana followed up with him and applied his own tactic.  For those who are not Urdu speakers, Moulana, in this video, calls Shaytanyari only to have some woman answer the phone.  The rest of the conversation is in English.  When our scholars are unavailable to take Shaytanyari's random calls, the Rawaafidh say that they (our scholars) are following Umar's (ra) sunnah (meaning, they are running away).  Well, I guess Shaytanyari was following the sunnah of, in fact outdoing the sunnah of, the cave dweller by hiding behind a woman.

Also, Aqeel Jalali, another speaker who appears on Ummah channel, accepted Shaytanyari's challenge and exposed his cowardice.  Jalali stated that Shaytanyari regularly calls Sunni learned men by blocking his own number and at times when they (Sunnis) are busy with their personal lives while he (Shaytanyari) is sitting in his studio surrounded by all his books and resources.  Nevertheless, Jalali also stated that Shaytanyari had called him (for a debate) and after about 15 - 20 minutes, he (Shaytanyari) fled the discussion.  In fact, the discussion was so shameful for Shaytanyari that he has not uploaded it.  Jalali, throughout this video (see below), keeps reiterating that he accepts Shaytanyari's challenge and dares him to upload the recording of their discussion.

In conclusion, Shaytanyari has now attracted too much attention and since he is a lone wolf (he has already declared Iranian scholars to belong to the group of Dajjal), it is only a matter of time before Shaytanyari is sent into occultation due to the quality and quantity of refutations that will rain down on him.
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"Our coward ran from those in authority" - Iceman (admitting the truth regarding his 12th Imam)


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