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Title: The hadith of pen and paper isn't present in shia sources
Post by: TAHIR on January 03, 2021, 09:51:08 AM
Shia muhadith Asif Mohsini says in his research on Bihar Al Anwar:

عجب الحال انه لا رواية عند الشيعة و لو بسند ضعيف تروة ما قاله عمر و من تبعه صل الله عليه و آله و سلّم في مرضه بعد رد امره باتيان القرطاس و الدواة: ان الرجل يهجرا و قد غلبه الوجع (كلتا الجملتين بمعنى واحد) حسبنا كتاب الله كما نقله اهل السنة في صحاحهم و كتبهم.
The strange condition is there is no narration with shia even with a weak chain about  what umar and those who followed him said to prophet (s.a.w) after denying him pen and paper, i-e leave the person for he is been over taken by sickness or (similar statements with similar meaning), book of Allah is sufficient for us as are mentioned in books of Ahl us sunnah and their sahih's