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Title: Are Sunnis disbelievers?
Post by: confusedshia on September 05, 2017, 01:36:22 PM
A number of Shias have told me that Sunnis are considered Muslims in the dunya but kuffar in the akhira - how can this be so? If they believe Allah will judge Sunnis as disbelievers, then why not just say they're disbelievers in this world?

Have any Shia scholars openly said that Sunnis are disbelievers in both this world and the afterlife? Or that Sunnis are najis?
Title: Re: Are Sunnis disbelievers?
Post by: MuslimK on September 05, 2017, 02:43:46 PM
Salam Alaikum,

Yes, it is the Ijma of the Takfiri Twelver sect that the vast majority of Muslims (Sunnis) are Kufaar/disbelievers who will only go to hell and there is no excuse for them. Like you mentioned there is difference of opinion among their scholars. Some of them say Sunnis are only Kufaar in the next world but in this world they are seen as Muslims (so they be treated as Muslims) and others from among them say they are Kufaar in both worlds.

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Title: Re: Are Sunnis disbelievers?
Post by: MuslimAnswers on September 06, 2017, 08:16:24 AM

Allah knows best, but what I see is that many Twelvers are much more bold in making outright Takfir of us left and right. Before one could say their position was somewhat the opposite of certain terror groups [i.e. Terror groups may say "Treated as Kafir in this world, perhaps Muslim in the next"], but with the events in Iraq and Syria I see a lot of boldness against not only towards "Wahaabi Jihadists" but even with the common non-Shias in Arabia, Egypt, etc.

Anyway, the Shia position of us Sunnis "Treated as Muslim in this world, Kafir in the next" was in any case based on practical considerations of what they could do to us Sunnis and is intellectually very weak in the abstract, which is why the mask fell off the Twelvers  once the opportunity presented itself. Wa Allah Al-Musta'an.