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Title: Ayat Tatheer
Post by: Soccer on August 22, 2021, 07:34:05 PM

(1) Quran talks about not attributing purity to ourselves but that rather God attributes purity to who he pleases.
(2) Yahya's (a) chosen status with the paraphrases of Zakariya's (a) prayers is equivalent to being attributed purity. That is if you are attributed purity, you are chosen by God for the religion and you are an authority and Master inheriting the chosen households of the past.

For this reason the three places of "attributing" purity are important to discuss. In Surah Nisa, scholars of Jews and Christians were claiming this authority and position of representing God and Prophets, the Quran condemns them for attributing purity to who he pleases and say God attributes purity to who he pleases. The other place is in Surah Noor, in which people began to think of themselves as higher in sexuality purity and bad mouth reputation of others, the Quran in the rumors they spread, said, no one of humanity would be attributed this purity and you can't know who know who is pure in this regard, but that God through his mercy (manifests Prophets and chosen ones as pure). The other place in in Surah Najm - the Quran talks about those who made themselves avatars or links to Angels or daughters or sons of God in their view, and they are they as special link, without proof, it's talking in context about polytheistic leaders. The Quran says it's not for you to claim this position nor for people to build a reputation around you as if you are more special and pure to contact Angels, it's basically condemning soothsayers. They make up reality and religion and make up gods that don't exist, and are deceived by Jinn themselves. The Quran in this regards say God knows best who fears him, and so God should be relied on for religious leadership.

It can be seen in this context, 33:33 is saying unlike the wives of the Prophets the purpose of Quran is to only attribute purity to you Ahlulbayt and no one else, and attribute you one complete purification in eyes of people.

That is while Angels and Prophets are pure, the purpose of Quran, because Ahlulbayt are the current guides, is only to attribute purity to you.

This doesn't mean others can't be pure nor that Quran has not attributed purity to others, but it means the purpose of all the talk of past Prophets and their purity is to attribute purity to Ahlulbayt (a) and all talk of their exalted status was to exalt Ahlulbayt (a) of our time.

That means all the honors bestowed upon Prophets (a) and Messengers (a) of the past and chosen ladies like Mariam (a) and Sarah (a), is that Ahlulbayt (a) gain a high purified status in our minds and hearts.

Title: Re: Ayat Tatheer
Post by: Soccer on August 22, 2021, 07:44:02 PM
Another interesting point is that while the purpose of Quran as far attributing purity goes, is only to attribute Ahlulbayt the status of being free from uncleanness but it goes further that there is a purification that God wants to attribute Ahlulbayt in addition to that. They having the same level of purity of Mohammad (s) by the fact they all purified a single purification.