A prayer today.

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A prayer today.
« on: August 29, 2017, 01:27:43 PM »
Moses' knot on his tongue had nothing to do with shortcomings on his part, but like Mohammad which the Quran says, "and we know your heart is constricted by what they say", it was the propaganda of ignorance of people that put a knot of the tongue Moses so much so he realized that what lied in his heart needed one to follow him up and succeed him "And my heart is constricted and my tongue cannot reach so send me Aaron". And like wise, Mohammad, was told "By the name of God, the All-Compassionate, the Intensively specially Compassionate, did we not widen your breast?" meaning "through Ali and his offspring, and their Authority" "And make them understand my word" and "And my brother (would be) better in conveying so send me Aaron" "Strengthen my back by him" "Did we not lift your burden? That which heavily weighed on your back".
I pray today and the days that follow, my book which I will be summoned with on the day we will be called with our leader of our time is nothing but a love of the straight path that God is pleased with. Love of the remembrance he revealed for our time and it's holy family. Love of Mohammad, Ali, Fatima and the holy chosen guides from their offspring. I pray today and other days that follow, their Captaincy and the light of the ship of salvation remains bright in my heart. By the name of God is it's driving and anchoring... May God unite humanity on his rope and cure them and increase them in blessings through his name, by which the first and last people get fixed, cured, by his name that gives light to all things, by his name that is light from light, and light of all light created, uniting all beauty and glory in creation. The Messenger was a reminder brought down, the clear proof of his time, the true recitation of Quran was him and his holy soul and life.
To truly recite Quran, we need to recite through the name of God and face of God, by through its verses become manifest, clear, and bright signs. It becomes a guidance through the leaders who guide by his command and is a leader that is united with the leader and witness all humans will be called with, and every people will have a witness and driver, the remembrance of the time and the book recited and brought down cannot be separated from the chosen family guidance of our time, the 12 Captains of the covenant which is the ship of salvation and its founder are one year, split in twelve months, this being the upright religion.
I seek refuge in God through his name from the leaders who are not appointed by God, particularly who make people exaggerate and go extreme in the religion, and use the holy chosen leaders so that people bow down to them and worship them, and who take mantle of a purity that God has not proven and want to be center of attention in religion and take leadership and authority that doesn't belong to them.
I pray society stops looking to give authority and control to those not chosen by God but take responsibility for all of us to see by the eyes of the witnesses who see by the light of God and are the means to truly recite his books, and who are the means to know ourselves and each other, the means to judge properly by what God has revealed and brought down, and by taking responsibility to learn and teach, and by that we become helpers of the leader of our time and bring him back by finally giving our souls to his control "I have no control except over myself and brother, so separate us and the transgressing people".
Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


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