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Title: Verse 42:23 (brief proof)
Post by: Soccer on May 28, 2020, 06:27:46 PM
1. All Prophets (including Mohammad (s)) didn't seek a reward from people.
2. A fake Prophet seeks a personal reward from people or else would not lie.
3. That which they accused Prophets of seeking from a personal reward takes on a form of power, moral landscaping, changing the ways of society in the way he sees fit, fame, and legacy inclusive of offspring inheriting his authority.
4. The Quran is saying that which you see as a personal reward is not really a personal reward but rather a reminder to the worlds, a path to God and only upon God to establish because it's upon God to make someone central authority, famous, and do all that which they see as personal reward, because it's the path to God. 
5. In light of that, God is saying I understand it may seem like they are power hungry, wanting fame, etc, but all that is necessary part of how God establishes guidance.
6. 42:23 in light of that is saying - that which you accuse him of seeking a reward, what is that but, recognition of the kinsfolk, what is that but loving them for who they are, the kin chosen by God and includes Mohammad (s) but also unites his family with him in that they too have authority, power, to be centralized upon, to lead, etc....

It's been that clear all along, but the sorcery prevented and still prevents people from seeing this properly.

Title: Re: Verse 42:23 (brief proof)
Post by: Soccer on May 28, 2020, 09:13:15 PM
Also, the word love here is a particular type that humans have for one another and is inclusive of affection.

This put's a nail to the coffin that it can mean qurayshi kinship lol, as that is abstract - you can't have affection for an abstract term.  Same with closeness.

But what I said previous suffices, this is just an additional proof.