What Rafidah attributed to 'Ali (r) in their NB Bible

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Ebn Hussein

What Rafidah attributed to 'Ali (r) in their NB Bible
« on: April 02, 2019, 06:12:37 PM »
Everyone involved in Sunni-Shia polemics know how much the Rafidah praise the book Nahjul-Balaghah. It is already revealing that the most revered book in their sect after the Qur'an (if we can say they revere it at all, considering their top Ayatullats not mastering bascis Tajwid that non-Arab Sunni Madrassah kids master) is a book about the statements of the Prophet's (peace be upon him) cousin instead the Prophet (peace be upon him himself)! Also, many hypocritical Rafidi polemicists are quick in accusing Sunnis of exaggerating and even worshipping Bukhari's Sahih, yet it is them (Rawafid) who have statements by their scholars that state one should to Tabarruk (seek blessings) from Al-Kafi and it is them who often refer to Nahjul-Balagha as the brother or sister of the Qur'an! The walking Qur'an (fabricated narration)! So it is only appropiate to call Nahjul-Balaghah the Rafidi Bible.

Anyway, for a thorough analysis visit (Sunni projects):

Shias love to go on about how beautiful and poetic and insightful Nahjul-Balaghah is, the next best thing after the Quran, and how much it praises women and how sexist evil Sunni literature is. Holy shiite, my dear friends, you are in for a suprise.

- A Woman is a scorpion whose grip is sweet. (61)

- Your society will pass through a period when cunning and crafty intriguers will be favoured by status, when profligates will be considered as well-bred, well-behaved and elegant elites of the society, when just and honest persons will be considered as weaklings, when charity will be considered as a loss to wealth and property, when support and help to each other will be considered as favour and benevolence and when prayers and worship to Allah will be taken up for the sake of show to gain popularity and higher status, at such times regimes will be run under the advice of WOMEN and the youngsters will be the rulers and counselors of the State. (102)

- Jealousy in woman is kufr but in man it is a imaan. (123)

- O' ye peoples! Women are deficient in Faith, deficient in shares and deficient in intelligence. As regards the deficiency in their Faith, it is their abstention from prayers and fasting during their menstrual period. As regards deficiency in their intelligence it is because the evidence of two women is equal to that of one man. As for the deficiency of their shares that is because of their share in inheritance being half of men. So beware of the evils of women. Be on your guard even from those of them who are (reportedly) good. Do not obey them even in good things so that they may not attract you to evils. (79)

- Beasts are concerned with their bellies. Carnivores are concerned with assaulting others. Women are concerned with the adornments of this ignoble life and the creation of mischief herein. (On the other hand) believers are humble, believers are admonishers and believers are afraid (of Allah). (152)

- [At Siffin Imam Ali (a) gave the following instructions to his soldiers before the battle.]

If Allah favours you with success and inflicts defeat to the enemy, then do not attack those who have surrendered, do not injure the disabled and weak, do not assault the wounded, do not excite women and do not make them angry with rude behaviour even if they use harsh and insulting words against your commander and officers because they are physically and mentally weak and get excited easily and frightened quickly. (14)

Infallible Imam advises infallible son not to seek advice from women:

[After returning from the Battle of Siffin, Imam Ali (a) gave certain pieces of advice to one of his sons. Some historians consider him to be Imam Hasan (a) while others are of the opinion that he was Muhammad Hanafiya. He wrote them in the form of a will. They deal with almost every aspect of life which goes a long way to make a man successful in life -brave, humane, generous, virtuous and pious.]

Do not seek the advice of women, their verdicts are often immature and incorrect and their determinations are not firm. You must guard and defend them and act as a shelter to protect them from impious and injurious surroundings and infamous sights, this kind of shelter will keep them well-protected from every harm. Their contact with a vicious and sinful atmosphere (even with all the shelter that you can provide) is going to prove more harmful than being left with protection. Do not let them interfere with affairs where you cannot personally guide or protect them. Do not let them aspire for things which are beyond their capacities. They are more like decoration to humanity and are not made to rule and govern humanity. Exhibit reasonable interest in things which they desire and give importance to them, but do not let them influence your opinions and do not let them impel you to go against your sane views. (31)

There is many more, I've no issues with many statements, but those who say that "Sahih Al-Bukhari is misogynistic" and under nonsense and how nice Shia literature is, then know that you are sitting in a massive glasshouse and were lied to in your Hussainiyyats that will mostly select some few nice and dandy sermons from Nahjul-Balaghah.

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الإمام الشافعي رحمه الله
لم أر أحداً من أهل الأهواء أشهد بالزور من الرافضة! - الخطيب في الكفاية والسوطي.

Imam Al-Shafi3i - may Allah have mercy upon him - said: "I have not seen among the heretics a people more famous for falsehood than the Rafidah." [narrated by Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi/Al-Kifayah]

Qamar Farooq

Re: What Rafidah attributed to 'Ali (r) in their NB Bible
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2019, 01:31:16 AM »
AHAHAHHAHHA!. You nailed it. The shia are the embodiment of hypocrisy. Anything they attack Sunnis with, they themselves suffer from that same problem, and sometimes even WORSE.


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