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Title: 4:59 Those who hold Authority
Post by: Soccer on June 09, 2021, 10:40:57 AM

Something odd takes place in the minds of people with respect to 4:59. Not only is it taken out of context of how Quran discussed authority through out it's text, the mini-context is treated as if it doesn't exist.

(1) Before 4:59, there is a comparison done between family of Abraham and the envied humans (4:54), it is emphasized the household of Abraham have been a great authority (4:54).

(2) Contrast is also done between religious authority claimed by Christian and Jewish clergy vs that of given by God to the household of Ibrahim.

(3)Faith and disbelief is emphasized with respect to this envy and dialogue of true authority as well reward of paradise and threat of hell with respect to this (4:55-57)

In light of this, the "from you" "minkum" is so clear in 4:59, it's emphasizing that there is similarly those who hold authority from us to be obeyed. It's done in the spirit not to envy the humans compared to the household of Abraham but to obey them.

In this light, the emphasis on the family of Abraham is because of a similar structure of humans, and that only gives room to be the family Mohammad who are the Messenger and those who hold authority from us in 4:59.

I believe the reason people don't see the context of 4:59 - the mini-context that is and over all context, is due to dark magic on the hearts of humanity confirmed with propaganda.

The propaganda goes with the dark magic in that it confirms blindness upon blindness.

The ahadith of Ahlulbayt (a) shed light on 4:54 connecting it to 4:59. Were it not that Satanic forces exist and dark magic exists with respect to Quran and Ahlulbayt (a), I believe it would be impossible for humans to take 4:59 out of context to the degree they have.