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Title: Are the companions of Mohammad (s) volatile or guaranteed guidance?
Post by: Soccer on July 31, 2021, 03:21:50 PM

There are many verses that praise the companions, there are many verses that show they screwed up time to time, and were severely warned, but over all we can conclude they were one of the most praiseworthy group of people at that time.

Contrary to this, is the people of Mohammad (s) who fought him and his companions and only accepted Islam after the victory.  This group is for sure volatile, and not guaranteed guidance.

What I wish to discuss is whether companions of Mohammad (a) as in the original sincere group of believers, that helped him and those that emigrated to Medinal Munuwara early on, are they volatile?

I believe even they are volatile, per Surah 3. Surah 3 shows while they were intensely favored and honored group, many or at least some can turn on their backs because of the flow of the Surah with that topic. The warnings to that effect are in a tone that it's a serious possiblility.

Of course, I don't believe this occurred. They were somewhat apathetic in the start, but I believe after Fatima (a) called them, they were prepared to sacrifice their lives, only that Imam Ali (a) saw that he had no more then his original followers (ie. sincere companions of Mohammad (s)) rallying with him and decided to spare their blood and not force a war when a great amount of people hated Ali (a) because of all the heroes and people he killed in battle-field (and they only recently accepted Islam).

Of course a great amount of people also didn't hate Ali (a) but were apathetic, but I personally believe despite companions of Mohammad (a) as a group being also volatile, however this didn't occur that they turned on their back although they were on the verge of doing so by being apathetic (not rebellious) but Fatima (a) rallied them. Majority of them remained loyal to Ali (a) and Fatima (a).