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Title: Did Omar Attack Fatimah?
Post by: Brother on June 05, 2020, 07:46:23 PM
We find ourselves still having to address the romanticised narrative of the broken rib, where Omar (ra) is alleged to have attacked the house of Fatimah (ra), which resulted in the breaking of her ribs, the death of her unborn child and the subsequent forced pledge of allegiance imposed upon Ali (ra) after all of these events took place. It is clear from the many attempts of Shias trying to prove the veracity of this event, that they have become very desperate. Shia apologists know full well that even their own narrative from their own sources such as what is mentioned in the book of Sulaym bin Qays is built on very shaky and weak foundations. Due to this, they have resorted to pathetic measures such as appealing to ambiguous sunni traditions such as the report in Musannaf ibn Abi Shaybah, which they then fill in the gaps with their own conspiracy theories and weak reports, something that Dhul Fiqar does multiples times in his response to our video, which is an unintentional admission on his part that the hadith mentioned in the musannaf itself is not enough to prove the attack on Fatimah.

In this response series, we will demonstrate:

-There is no evidence of Omar attacking Fatimah
-Dhul Fiqar’s desperate reliance on conspiracy theories and weak narrations
-Dhul Fiqar and Rafida org’s deceptive nature
-The objectivity of Sunni hadith narrators
-How the Shia narrative humiliates Ali and how the sunni narrative honours him
-The love between Ali, Abu Bakr and Omar