[Video] Leaving Shia sect is leaving Ahlulbayt? Ex-Shia answers

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Leaving Shia sect is leaving Ahlulbayt? Ex-Shia answers

در خلافت میل نیست ای بی‌خبر
میل کی آید ز بوبکر و عمر
میل اگر بودی در آن دو مقتدا
هر دو کردندی پسر را پیشوا

عطار نِیشابوری | |


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Re: [Video] Leaving Shia sect is leaving Ahlulbayt? Ex-Shia answers
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2017, 04:00:44 PM »
There is a thread about our Iranian Ex-Shia brother Abu Isma'il Al-Farsi (the Persian) on Shiachat, and guess how one of those geniuses can tell that Abu Isma'il is "fake"? Because of his kunya (nickname)!   ;D

One miskeen at sh!tchat says:

(p.s. If you still don't get it, I am laughing at how fake it is, specifically the name of the "ex-shia"...If you still don't get it....You can PM me and i'll gladly explain...)

Wallahi I feel sorry for the Rafida, a Persianized cult, they don't even know that a kunya is not a name (sometimes it can be like Abu Bakr and other unique ones), Abu Isma'il is a kunya (a nickname) you buffoon, his name is Hamd or Abdul-Hamid, that's what he said right at the beginning of the clip!!!

Rafida are such a weird bunch, they have no problem if someone's name is Ayatullat Babak Ibn Suroosh but if a Muslim chooses a kunya (very rare to find amongst Shias, except some Arab ones) he must be fake! The rest of the comments show how insecure they are, trying to dismiss it as a fake but all their videos about so called Ex-Sunnis are of course not fake, that's how the simple Shia mindset works, a sheep mindset. Here the thread:

btw: I believe what hurts them most is the comparison brother Abu Isma'il did between the saint veneration and worship of Catholics and Shiism, every person with a intact fitra and mind can see that Shiism is some form of corrupted "Islam" with all sorts of pagan elements similar to be found in Catholicism and other religions of shirk, just read the comments under the original video where reverts also admit to that.

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