Its stories like these that melt the heart

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Qamar Farooq

Its stories like these that melt the heart
« on: September 15, 2019, 07:04:00 AM »
This sister who is an ex-shia commented under the 'Message from EX SHIA Sister [Emotional]' video about her journey. Truly a heart touching story. May Allah guide the twelvershia to the path of Tawheed and the obedience of the historical Ahlul Bayt who never preached the nonsense that shias today believe in.

Khadijah Akbari

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Here is my story will try to cut it short in sha'Allah

I was born in Afghanistan Kabul and migrated to UK when I was young
I always asked my mum why do shias hit themselves but never got the logic answer I used to commit shirk by asking Ali رضي الله عنه for help every time I was distressed as I didn't know Allah and this was always thought to my by my parents I suppose I used to think he has the power of God
( Ahu'dubillah) so I used to pray and fast but not cover as my family weren't that practicing all that mattered to them was the Ahlalbayt to the point that I hardly heard them mention Allah

So it's like Karbala muslims well they think they are Muslim الله المستعان
So we used to go to imamia and hit ourselves on our chests and moarn ect
Then I went to Iran with my family to the shrine of imam Raza Subhn'Allah people used to cry like crazy and ask Iman Raza for help for children ect
I did the same 😔 Astaghfirrullah
It's like no one know Allah عز وجل

Until one day we went to this new place and I saw women circulating and swinging their hair around like crazy and singing some shirky nasheeds that really put me off and I thought this is crazy
Then I was against all this hitting ect

Then in 2009 I started practicing like wore the hijab stopped listening to music ect..
Subhn'Allah hiw Allah planned that I had my first knowledge class about tawheed I went to these classes and only half way I came to realise the meaning of tawheed Subhn'Allah I had no idea never heard the word in my life before
I had loads of questions so I used to ask the so called Shia imams but always got a contradictory answer from Quran and sunnah so then I would ask the sunni scholars and would get my answer right so as time went by I started to doubt shiaism but was very confused and the shaytaan was playing with my head
I kept getting more serious about the deen started learning Arabic
Started Quran class
Wore abaya then khimaar
Changed my friends my wardrobe the whole thing
Then as I was very confused as to whether to accept sunniasm I put my head in sajda and cried so much and begged Allah to guide me
Wallahi everything fell in to place in my head with the mercy of my Rab 🤲
He cleared every misconception in my head and I read the shahada on my own hiding from my family and felt like so light Subhn'Allah
Truly knowledge is so so important the correct knowledge of knowing tawheed
توحيد الألوهية و توحيد الربوبية
I'm learning so much now Alhumdulillah about my beautiful deen
And pray that every Shia get guided to the truth so much more to say Subhn'Allah but dont want take too much of your time

Jazakallahu khayran brothers and sisters
May Allah guide us all to strive for his pleasure and his jannah
May Allah protect us from shirk , kufr and bid'ha ( innovation)
May Allah keep us guided and sincere and humble

اللهم امين يارب العالمين :(


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