Double face mantra of shia scholars

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Double face mantra of shia scholars
« on: April 18, 2016, 10:45:31 PM »

Nimefuatilia sana kuhusu hili suala la umoja kati ya Shia na Sunni(Ahlul sunna) nimekutana na haya yafuatayo...

Mwaka 1954 palifanyika kitu kinachoitwa TAQREEB MADHAHEEB katika chuo cha Al Azhar  kati ya wanachuoni wa kishia na wanachuoni wa kisunni, pakawekwa mikakati Fiqh ya kishia Jafariya ifundishwe pale chuoni.

Wakakubaliana kati ya wanachuoni hao wa kishia kutoka Lebanon,Qum na najaf na Ahlul sunna waliwakilishwa na Muftil Azhar wakati huo Mahmood Shaltut,Dr Mustafa Sibai,Muhibudeen Al khatib na wengineo.

Katika makubaliano hayo Sheikh Muhibudeen aliwaambia wenzake haiwezekani

Dr. Mustafa as-Sibai (r) in his book «As-Sunnan wa makanatuha fi tashril islami» (p42) said:
«In 1953, I visited Abdulhusain Sharaf ad-Deen (al-Mousawi) (1) , in Tyre. With him were seated some Shiah scholars. We began to talk about prevailing conditions in Muslim lands, and we agreed that Shiah and people of Sunnah should cooperate with one another in the hope of alleviating the plight of many Muslims. During that gathering Abdulhusain showed a great deal of enthusiastic approval for the propositions we were putting forward. In the end, it was agreed that a conference should be held between scholars of the sunnah and scholars of the shiah for the very purpose of bringing about a practical cooperation between both groups. However, after only a short period of time, I was shocked to see that Abdulhusain had just authored a book, which he filled with curses against Abu Hurayrah.
I was truly amazed at the disparity between Abdulhusain’s claims and between his actions, actions that did not in the least point to a sincere desire to establishing some form of cooperation between both groups and to erasing bitter memories. I witnessed a similar attitude from many other shiah scholars. Although they profess to desire harmony between both groups. Shiah scholars continue to portray the companions in an evil light, because the goal of narrowing gap between people of the sunnah and the shiah, to them, is nothing more than bringing the people of sunnah closer to beliefs of the shiah


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