Mahdi Narration in Contradiction of The Quran

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Mahdi Narration in Contradiction of The Quran
« on: January 21, 2018, 03:33:59 AM »
So I came across this narration, and sadly its found in the Sunni books. I tried to do a search in the 12er Shia books, and I had no luck. However, the 12er Shia have a habit to accept narrations of the Ahlul bayt from the Sunni books.

Here is the narration:
“The Mahdi will rule over the world just like Dhu’l-Qarnayn and Sulayman.” (Book of Portents of the Awaited Mahdi, p. 29)

However, Prophet Sulaiman (as) made a dua which was granted.

“He said, “My Lord!  Forgive me, and bestow upon me a kingdom such as shall not belong to any other after me.  Verily, You are the Bestower.”(Quran 38:35)

So the reality is this narration is a contradiction of the Quran.

Again, I didn't come across this narration in the 12er Shia books, but there was a discussion on Shiachat.

Here is reply that the 12er Shia gave in order to create a defense:

Imam Mahdi has Wilayah Takwiniyya over the entire creation (including Jinns and animals) but he would not use unusual means in his government (or at least such thing has not been reported to us). Subjecting the wind and making use of Jinns and animals were special features for the kingdom of Solomon which by no means require that his kingdom was greater than that of Imam Mahdi.


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