RafidaORG (Majos) youtube channel refutations

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RafidaORG (Majos) youtube channel refutations
« on: March 09, 2017, 05:51:43 AM »
Salamun 3ala man ittab3a al-Huda,

Dear admins, please make this thread a sticky, refutations or requests for refutations against the Mushrikeen of the Rafida (Majos) youtube channel (or the articles they have promised) can be posted here. An important one is the first one we are posting here with regards to our refutation to their refutations against us.

As some of you might know, the desperate Majos from the Rafida channel are on a damage control course  ;D they are trying their utmost to save some (of what is left from their embarrassing religion of Shirk and superstitions) face. One suspiciously womanish Turbanized member of them appeared in their refutations against Anti-Majos, beating around the bush in a series of lectures. Basically, three of his episodes deal with the actual refutation of one of our most successful videos to this day:


Our refutation in video form is here:


The Rafidi did not release his complete refutation at once, rather episode by episode, wasting everyones time for the sake of hitting often no more than a few hundred views. Therefore our last released refutation (the video above) to them is actually based on his first lectures without much comments to his later released lectures. We didn't really bother to include more refutations in our refutation (it was ready for months but never a priority to be released), so for those who are interested, here a detailed one.


To understand why all their pathetic attempts and interpretations/Ta`wilat are futile we must read the narration carefully that Shaikh al-Wesabi mentioned in our video. Here it is:

كامل الزيارات لجعفر بن محمد بن قولويه (367 هـ) ص222 الباب 38 زيارة الأنبياء الحسين بن علي ع

[326] 4 - حدثني أبي وأخي وجماعة مشايخي عن محمد بن يحيى وأحمد بن إدريس عن حمدان بن سليمان النيسابوري عن عبد الله بن محمد اليماني عن منيع بن حجاج عن يونس عن صفوان الجمال قال: قال لي أبو عبد الله (ع) لما أتى الحيرة: هل لك في قبر الحسين (ع) قلت: وتزوره جعلت فداك قال: وكيف لا أزوره والله يزوره في كل ليلة جمعة يهبط مع الملائكة إليه والأنبياء والأوصياء ومحمد أفضل الأنبياء ونحن أفضل الأوصياء فقال صفوان: جعلت فداك فنزوره في كل جمعة حتى ندرك زيارة الرب قال: نعم يا صفوان ألزم ذلك يكتب لك زيارة قبر الحسين (ع) وذلك تفضيل وذلك تفضيل

[...] Abu 'Abdillah (Imam al-Sadiq) asked me (Safwan al-Jammal, the narrator), "Do you perform the Ziyarah (visitation) to the grave of al-Hussein (as)?" I said, “May I be your ransom! Do you perform the Ziyarah?" The Imam replied, "How could I not perform his Ziyarah when Allah Himself visits him on every Thursday night and descends with the Angels, the Prophets and the Awsiya' (Successors) and Muhammad is the best of all the Prophets and we are the best of all the Awsiya' (Successors)." I (Safwan) said, “May I be your ransom! So shall we visit [al-Hussein] every Thursday night so that we can catch up with the Ziyarah of your Lord [Allah!]?" He said, "Yes, O Safwan [...]"

Source: Kamil al-Ziyarat, p. 222, chapter 38, by Ja'far ibn Muhammad Qulawayh. Also in the Bihar of al-Majlisi, in Wasa`il al-Shi'ah by al-Hurr al-'Amili, al-Kafi by al-Kulaini and Madinah al-Ma'ajiz by Hashim al-Bahrani

RAFIDA APOLEGTIC ARGUMENT #1: Ziyarah (visitation) of Allah to the shrine stands for Him paying His attention to it i.e. sending His blessing, mercy etc. on it!

The Rafidi's argument is that Ziyarah (visit) of Allah actually means a whole lot of things except actual visitation in the literal sense. How so? He first (in Ep5) quotes one Arabic dictionary (followed by some Iranian Ayatullats like Milani) to prove that Ziyarah includes the meaning of paying attention to someone or something. This is correct, but what he fails to understand is that "Ziyarah of Allah" is never used in the Arabic language to express "Allah's attention to someone/something", no Muslim sect have ever made such a repulsive claim, except, well, except the Twelver Shia Rafida of course.

Classical Arabic dictionaries define Ziyarah as:

:  زيارة - اسم
مصدر زارَ
زيارة الأصدقاء / المرضى ،
بِطاقَة زيارة : بطاقة مطبوع عليها اسم الزائر كاملاً وغرض زيارته
زِيارَةُ : إتيان بقصد التبرُّك أو الحج


- Ziyarah is a noun it's root word is Zaar
- VISITING friends, the sick.
- Ziyarah: Having the intention of seeking blessings or going to HAJJ

It is clear that the meaning of Ziyarah is the literal visitation of someone or something, that of course includes ones attention. We ask the Rafida who desperately try to waterdown the disastrous content of their narration:

When did the Arabs and Muslims ever use the expression of "Allah's visit to X or Y's grave" for "Allah paying attention to something/someone"? There is no such an expression neither in the classical Arabic language nor Islamic tradition. Neither Allah nor His Messenger (saws) have ever taught us about the visitation (in any shape or form) of the Creator to anyones grave, no dream (or Rafidi fabrication) of anyone will change this fact.

Now of course the Rafida will keep arguing (and he did so in his refutation) that nonetheless they have their own understanding of what "Ziyarah of Allah" means, which is understandable, after all they are in a dilemma, they have to somehow explain away the disturbing content of their narration to their gullible followers.  The feminine Rafidi in his refutation does it by mentioning how his scholars (desperately) tried to explain the Ziyarah of Allah to the grave of Hussein by making amusing double-Ta`wils (interpretation of the interpretation  ;D ) by first claming that "Ziyarah of Allah to Hussein's grave" actually means "Allah paying attention to Hussein" and "paying attention to Hussein" must mean "Allah sending his special reverences and blessings on Hussein".

As you can see, nothing but desperation upon desperation all due to the disturbing content of the narration that has given the later Mu'attila Jahmiyyah Rafida (i.e. modern day Rafida) very hard times, to this very day. The narration itself stems from hardcore Mujassimah and Mushabbiha (the alleged students of their Imams) who have lied upon the Ahl al-Bayt. Anyway, the Rafidi mentions two of his scholars who had dwelled in such far-fetched Ta`wil acrobatics that will convince nobody but a fool. His two main points:

- Allah paying attention to Hussein as in actually means "Him sending His special reverence and blessings" on him (he quotes "Alaaaamah" akbar Zindiq al-Majlisi). He then accuses Shaikh Khalid al-Wesabi (the Yemeni Shaikh in our clip) of deception for not mentioning what a Zindiq (like al-Majlisi) commented with regards to how the Rafida understand such narration. He doesn't understand that the apologetic and desperate Ta`wil attempt of a Zindiq like al-Majlisi are of nobodies interest as the narration leaves no room for Ta`wil (which we shall prove)

- He then mentions another Zindiq called Amini (the idiot reads it with without a ي not knowing, not knowing that the name Amini (أميني) in Arabic includes two ي, thus it should be pronounced as "AMEENEE". These Zindiqs can't even pronounce the names of their own Ayatullats!) who of course also attempted to somehow waterdown the disastrous content of the narration by claiming that "Allah visiting Hussain's grave" could mean "Allah manifests his glory" (at the shrine) or "Allah sends His special blessing" to the Shirk infested shrine.


The problem is that the Rafidi doesn't even understand that we (and Shaikh al-Wesabi) are well aware that the likes of al-Majlisi and modern day Rafida DO NOT take these kind of narrations (Allah visiting a shrine) in the literal sense, we are well aware that they do (desperate) Ta`wil, however, this is irrelevant, they also do Ta`wil on all of Allah's attributes in the Qur'an (like the Jahmiyyah Mu'attila they are), the crux of the matter is that their narration is thoroughly anthropomorphic in nature and leaves nor room for interpretations, the text of the narration proves beyond doubt that an actual visit of Allah to a grave is intended.

RAFIDA ARGUMENT #2: Allah descending on the tomb/shrine stands for Him sending down His blessings

Of course he also argues that the part of the narration that speaks about "Allah descending" has been (deliberately) mispresented by the "evil" Salafis/Wahhabis due to their literalist approach. What he fails to understand is that Shaikh al-Wesabi and Anti-Majos are well aware of their desperate interpretation attempts, the point however is that no interpretation really makes sense, in fact the complete narration (he never reads the last part) refutes his entire premise.

As a reminder, this is the part he tries to waterdown:

"... The Imam replied, "How could I not perform his Ziyarah when Allah Himself visits him on every Thursday night and descends with the Angels, the Prophets ..."

The Rafidi in an attempt to explain this away cites a verse (and a Rafidi narration) as a support of how the word يحبط (He i.e. Allah descends) actually could stand for "Allah sending down his blessings, mercy etc.", however, the last part of the narration (that he, as mentioned does not even comment on) completely negates such a interpretation.


In episode 6 he only shows the last part (read by Shaikh al-Wesabi) of the narration that, however, he doesn't further comment on it but rather employs his Hawzawi sorcery to distract the viewers with random rants of how the Rafida do generally Ta`wil, followed by attacks on a number of Sahabah (based on his fabricated narrations) with an fabricated Jahmi-Rafidi narration attributed to Imam al-Rida.

Anyway, the part he chose to ignore (for an obvious reason) is of course the following:

"...I (Safwan) said, “May I be your ransom! So shall we visit [al-Hussein] every Thursday night so that we can catch up with the Ziyarah of your Lord [Allah!]?" He said, "Yes, O Safwan [...]"

That last part above is the actual final nail in the coffin of the Rafida. Sure, they are free to invent far-fetched acrobatic interpretations all day long, however, they will never be able to satisfy a real truth-seeking heart and mind (actual intellect ...), for there is no doubt that the narration leaves no room for their desperate interpretation attempts for the simply following reasons:

- If the so called Ziyarah of Allah stands for "Allah paying attention" i.e. "sending His blessings/mercy on the shrine" then how can anyone "catch up" (!) with Allah on that, on a Thursday night?

- If Allah descending stands for "Allah sending down his blessings/mercy etc. on the shrine" then how can anyone "catch up" (!) with on that, on a Thursday night?

Remember, the Zindiq narrator allegedly asked Imam al-Sadiq if they shall visit the tomb every Thursday night so that they can catch up with the visitation of Allah! The statement of the Zindiq narrator (Safwan), clearly proves to everyone with actual intellect that the Rafidi attempts to waterdown the apparent meaning of the narration hold no waters. Do the Rafida really want us to believe that it is possible to catch up with "the blessings and mercy" that Allah sends on a shrine? How is that possible?

How can the Womanish Rafidi from the Rafida channel explain this to the world? Maybe with more highly farfetched explanatory acrobatics? It is of course impossible and all their desperate Ta`wilat (interpretations to waterdown an actual visit) were never intended by the Zindiqs who fabricated the narration in the first place. The Zindiqs who fabricated it actually believed in a literal race, a literal visitation between them and Allah to the tomb of al-Hussein (رضي الله عنه و قاتل الله الرافضة المشركون).

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Re: RafidaORG (Majos) youtube channel refutations
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2017, 01:11:50 PM »
Some more additional points and further refutations following, stay tuned.

@Dear admins: why is my youtube video not showing up in the first post above?


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Re: RafidaORG (Majos) youtube channel refutations
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2017, 03:16:20 AM »
What is Shirk to the Shia?

The Rafida channel Mushriks "made" a response to this video, well, actually it's recycled old stuff, by the Marshmallow-Boy who responded to Dawa-Man. Anyways, they can never refute our video for the disaster of their Madhab (where Shirk is MAINLY defined as associating partners with 'Ali (ra)!) is so obvious, that no damage control will help.

The Rafida in their video point out how some of their scholars (like the extremist Zindeeq Ni'matullah al-Jaza`iri) also did speak about Shirk with Allah (nobody denied that, even Trinitarians worship Allah alone at times), that's not the issue here, the issue is that the outrages statement of "Shirk with 'Ali or his Wilayah" was never a concept in Islam, there is no such thing for any Sunni caliph, not even Abu Bakr (which shows how moderate Sunnis are compared to these human-worshippers). The opponents of the Shia are well aware that they DO have narrations that are in line with the Qur'an and define Shirk correctly, such as the following one:

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) says:

“The greatest of the Greater Sins is to attribute partners to Allah.” [Wasa’il ul-Shia]

However, the issue is not about them including the correct understanding of Shirk, it is the additional statement ("Shirk with Imams") that is based on nothing but Ghuluww (exaggeration) with the personality of 'Ali and his descendants, their entire religion revolves PRACTICALLY around that, theoretical excuses and Hadith in line with the Qur'an are as good as Tawhid mixed with Shirk i.e. useless.

What one must understand is that the greatest of the doctrines of the Rafida is that of "Imamah" and NOT Tawheed (hence practically they barely preach about Tawheed, wether their major or lower ranked scholars). Believing that Ali was the only rightful leader after the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) is what their theology is entirely around, therefore their understanding of the foundations of Islam (Tawhid, belief, obedience etc.) and what opposes them (Shirk, disbelief,disobdience) revolve mainly around 'Ali and his descendants.
The true meaning of Shirk is to direct worship (which takes place in the heart, on the tongue and on the limbs) to other than Allah, and this is what the Prophets and Messengers came to warn against (and not to preach the Wilayah of 'Ali as the Rafida claim!), and they explained it is a violation and invalidation of one's claim of belief in a sole creator, provider, owner, master - since the two are binding and necessary to each other, if one believes in lordship for Alaah alone, it necessitates directing worship only to Him alone - and this is the monotheism in all revealed books and sent messengers.

As for Shirk al-Ta'ah (Shirk in Obedience):

It is only Shirk in itself if the one who obeys (other than Allah and His Messenger) holds the belief that the one who gives the order reaches the status of a "legislator", (like Allah and His prophet) who must be obeyed. Even in that case it is called Shirk with the CREATOR (Allah), not shirk with 'Ali, Abu Bakr or any other authority.

The Rafida apologists have no choice resort to damage control, this is why (and we know all their tactics and excuses) they mention that their infamous Tafsir al-Qummi (filled with kufr, Shirk and Tahrif al-Qur'an and of course the Rafidi definition of Shirk with 'Ali!) is disputed among some or their scholars, hence in our video we have included yet another infamous Tafsir, one of their most important ones (by al-'Ayyashi). The verse quoted by Shaikh al-Wesabi al-Yemeni in our clip makes the kufr of the Rafida even more appearent, for the verse that Shaikh al-Wesabi quotes at min. 3:20 speaks not just about Shirk with Allah in general, but it explicitely mentions the word 'Ibadah (worship), yet their Shirki Tafsirs interprets even 'Ibadah (worship) as submission to 'Ali!!!

At the end of the day, these Mushriks will never be convinced, like all Batini Mushriks they repeat their favourite salesman line which is:

"You don't understand the narrations of "Aaaawleh Mohaammmaaaad"

A convenient excuse to justify everything to their dumb and gullible masses, and hilarious at the same time when the nation of the Rafida who are known by the scholars of Islam of being deprived of Aql (intellect) and Naql (text, authentic Deen), speak about understanding.

We leave you with MORE ammunition i.e. more outrages and extreme narrations of the Rafida all proving that actual and real Shirk to them is Shirk with Imams as Tawhid is absolutely secondary to them:

يقول صاحب كتاب بحار الانوار المجوسي المجلسي في الجزء 23 صفحة390
اعلم أن إطلاق لفظ الشرك والكفر على من لم يعتقد إمامة أمير المؤمنين والائمة من ولده عليهم السلام وفضل عليهم غيرهم يدل على أنهم كفار مخلدون في النار

Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi, says in his Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 23, page 390:

"Know, that attributing polytheism (Shirk) and disbelief (Kufr) to the one who doesn't believe in the Imamah of the Chief of the Believer ('Ali) and the [11] Imams from his offspring, peace be upon them, and who prefers others over them, proves that they are disbelievers (Kuffar) who will abide in the Hellfire for eternity."

Tafsir of Furat bin Ibrahim al-Kufi: The Understanding of Shirk
This is one of the major Shia books of Tafsir (p. 370): From Abi Ja'far (alayhis-salaam), regarding His, the Most High's saying, "If you commit Shirk, you actions will be futile" (39:65), he said: If you commit Shirk with the Wilayah (leadership) of Ali, your actions will be futile.

We read in the Holy Quran:

ولقد أوحي إليك وإلى الذين من قبلك لئن أشركت ليحبطن عملك ولتكونن من الخاسرين

{And certainly, it has been revealed to you and to those before you: Surely if you associate (with Allah), your work would certainly come to naught and you would certainly be of the losers.} - Quran Surah az Zumr, 39/65

Now lets read its tafsir in Shia books

عن ابى جعفر (عليه السلام) قال: سألته عن قول الله لنبيه: (لئن أشركت ليحبطن عملك ولتكونن من الخاسرين) قال: تفسيرها لئن أمرت بولاية أحد مع ولاية على صلوات الله عليه من بعدك ليحبطن عملك ولتكونن من الخاسرين

It is narrated from Imam Baqir that he was asked about the saying of Allah Almighty (Surely if you associate (with Allah), your work would certainly come to naught and you would certainly be of the losers) he said : Its tafsir is that If you order the Wilayah of someone along with Ali, Allah’s blessings be upon him, after you then your work would fail and you would be amongst the losers. [Tafsir Nur al thaqalayn, Tafsir Safi and others]

Similar narration attributed to his son Ja'far al-Sadiq:

بأنه روى عن جعفر الصادق في الكافي: أن معناه: لئن أشركت في ولاية علي أحدا فينتج منه: ليحبطن عملك.

It is narrated in al-Kafi from Ja'far al-Sadiq:

"Surely if you associate ANYONE IN THE WILAYAH OF 'ALI; your work would certainly come to naught."

NOTE: Nowhere did ANY of the two Imams say this is "one" of many interpretations, this is an excuse the Rafida present to water down these horrendously kufri narrations, boths Imams gave THE meaning of the verse. We challenge the Rafida to bring a statement from the any of these two Imams presenting us the "other" meanings of this CLEAR-CUT verse that speak of Shirk with Allah and not Shirk with Imams.

Interesting point: The early Rafida who fabricated the above narration and attributed it to the Ahlul Bait were not less ignorant than the Rafida of today, especially when it comes to the Qur'an, for the above narration is completely against the book of Allah, because the Quran says that this (order of worshipping Allah alone) was revealed to the previous nations as well,

ولقد أوحي إليك وإلى الذين من قبلك لئن أشركت ليحبطن عملك ولتكونن من الخاسرين

{And certainly, it has been revealed to you and to those before you: Surely if you associate (with Allah), your work would certainly come to naught and you would certainly be of the losers.}

If the wilayah of Ali (ra) was really as such that it was mentioned to the previous nations, and such strict warning were given to them as well, then we would have found in the Quran many verses about the Wilayah of Ali. But in fact we don’t find a single verse which points to the wilayah of Ali (yet we find detailed stories about much lower ranked Prophets!).
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Re: RafidaORG (Majos) youtube channel refutations
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2017, 05:47:04 AM »
Tawhid and Rafidism are complete opposites.

Know, that a very old and often recycled (from other Quburis) tactic by Rafida is to rise the topic of Tajsim/Tashbih (Anthropomorphism) in order to distract from their blatant Shirk!

Tawhid are two parallel lines that never meet, hence the preferred tactic of the Rafida is to try to turn the tables and accuse Muslims, their masters, the Ahlussunnah of Tajsim and Tashbih, as if (even if proven true) wrong understandings of the attributes of Allah will somehow justify the blatant kufriyat of the Rafida.

These Rafida Mushrikeen base their "Tawhid" ("we have the purest form of Tawhid") upon rejecting [what they believe to be] Tajsim/Tashbih, that effectively means that in the eyes of the Rafida, affirming the apparent meaning of ALL His attributes (which is attributing a body to Allah according to them) is Shirk but giving Allah's UNIQUE attributes to their tombed Imams such as:

- Hearing the request/Du'a of every caller from everywhere (al-Basir and Al-Sami')
- Knowing what is in the hearts of the believers (al-'Alim)

... is pure Tawhid, 'Be-eznellow'!

In Islam however, giving Allah's attributes to humans is Shirk and believing that Allah is an actual body is a form of Kufr, a misunderstanding of the attributes of Allah not worship of other than Allah. So the Mujassim is still better than any Mushrik Rafidi.

In Shi'ism you pray DIRECTLY to saints (tombed Imams) whilst in Sujud (most beloved form and position of worship to Allah, even this one they have distorted!), including to Angels (like Catholics do)

اذا أحزنك أمر فقل في سجودك « يا جبريل يا محمد – تكرر ذلك – إكفياني ما أنا فيه فإنكما كافيان، واحفظاني بإذن الله فإنكما حافظان»
(أصول الكافي 2/406 كتاب الدعاء – باب الدعاء للكرب والهم والحزن).

if something saddens you, say in your sujud (prostration), "O Jibrail, O Muhammad - repeat that - Suffice me both of you as both of you are sufficient. Help me—two of you—for you are my helpers, protect me with the permission of Allah for you are my protectors (Usul al-Kafi 2/406, Book of Supplications, chapter: Du'a for sorrow, grief ...)

In other sources it states more details and Jewish-like practices (placing cheek on the floor, a practice attributed to early Jews, practiced by no sect except the Rafida, when they pray to Fatimah, 'Ali, Jibrail in sujud!!!!):

و في رواية أخرى ثم ضع خدك الأيمن على الأرض و قل مائة مرة يا محمد يا علي يا علي يا محمد اكفياني فإنكما كافيان و انصراني فإنكما ناصران ثم ضع خدك الأيسر و قل مائة مرة أدركني أدركني ثم تقول الغوث الغوث حتى ينقطع النفس
Before the du'a it says:

"Then place your right cheek on the earth and say 100 times "

يا محمد يا علي يا علي يا محمد اكفياني فإنكما كافيان و انصراني فإنكما ناصران"

O Muhammad! O ‘Ali! O ‘Ali! O Muhammad! Suffice me both of you as both of you are sufficient. Help me—two of you—for you are my helpers.

then place your left cheek (on the earth) and say 100 times

"أدركني أدركني ثم تقول الغوث الغوث"

Rescue me! Rescue me! Then say: Help, Help!

(Al-Majlisi, BiHar Al-Anwar, vol. 87, ch. 6, pg. 38, hadith no. 6)

Possible objection (by more sane Shias who don't practice this Zandaqah i.e. are not aware of the reality of the evil Rafidi religion):

"That's not mainstream, I never did it, must be a weak narration!"

Answer: Unfortunately it's not, in fact it's purely mainstream, every single serious Twelver Shi'ite in the world is actually supposed to recite that kufr which is called Du‘a’ al-Faraj (Invocation for the Advent of the Imam of the Age) on a daily basis, right after their daily prayers (they worship Allah in their daily prayers and negate the Tawhid with this Shirki Du'a!)! Here excerpts from the infamous al-Islam org website who shamelessly put it on their website:

No doubt, this kufr what they justify with Islamic terminologies such as Tawassul, Wasilah, Shafa'ah (as if calling dirt gold makes it gold) opposes the very foundations of Tawhid and what Islam stands for, yes, it can be called Catholic "Tawhid" (they too pray to Gabriel!), but surely not Islamic! How blind (or biased) must one be not to see that no where in this du'a does it even say "I am asking Muhammad and `Ali as a wasilah to Allah", it is in fact a direct prayer (during sujud) to the Prophet, his cousin and in some versions to an Arch-Angel!

Claiming that the Imams (saints of the Church etc.) get their powers from Allah/God is one of the most repeated and poor arguments by the polytheists, no human being, no Prophet even in their lifetimes was permissible to be asked to grant what only Allah does (Rizq etc.). What these evil Mushriks really argue is that nothing is shirk as long as you know that Allah (swt) is the prime source of power.

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