Sunni beliefs in shia books

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Sunni beliefs in shia books
« on: November 26, 2016, 03:27:16 AM »
Not sure if there exists a threadin this topic? Like how there are many shia hadith that agree with sunni beliefs but the shia choose that hadith which contradicts the sunni's.
I think itss principle in shia imami where if there are two views found, choose the one that contradicts the majority muslims (sunni).
Would be interesting to see where this principle is mentioned in shia books & also see the range of hadiths that agree with both sunni beliefs & fiqh.


Re: Sunni beliefs in shia books
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Shia muhadith al-Haj Mirza Hussain an-Noore Tabarsi in his (shia book)“Mustadrak al wasail” (1/305-306) narrated:

Ali ibn Abu Talib in his message to Mohammad (ibn Abu Bakr) and people of Egypt described them minor ablution in this way:

......."Then wipe your head, Then wash your right leg 3 times, and then wash your left leg 3 times.
And I seen prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) making ablution in this way".

Not sure what the grading of this narration is. Maybe some of the brothers who wrote the original article know.

Kulayni narrated in Shia book “Kafi” (3/35) that imam Abu Abdullah said:
(ii). Kulayni narrated in Shia book “Kafi” (3/35) that imam Abu Abdullah said:
“If you forgot to wipe your head, and washed your feets, then wipe your head and wash your feet(again)”.
Bahbude said narration is authentic. Majlisi said it’s muwathaq(reliable).

Shia scholar Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi reported in his book “Malathil akhyar” (1/376-377,  Sayyyed Mahdi ar-Raji) from Imam Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam), that he was teaching his companions proper way of ablution, and he said:
If (during the minor ablution) you forgot to wipe your head till you have (already) WASHED YOUR LEGS, then in this case, wipe your head, and then WASH YOUR LEGS. [Grading of hadith by al-Majlisi: Al-Muwathaq. (Reliable)]

The Zaydi shia agree with ahlus sunnah in washing of the feet.
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Re: Sunni beliefs in shia books
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The sahaba:

1. Qumi in his tafsir, “Tafsir Qumi” narrates from Abi Abdullah:
“When the prophet (sws) was in the cave, he (sws) said to Abu Bakr (ra), “I see the ship of jaffar in the river with his companions. And likewise i see the ansar. Abubakr (ra) asked can i also see? The prophet (sws) said , “yes”. Abubakr asked how? The prophet did masah with his hands on abubakr’s eyes. Thus, abubakr saw what the prophet saw. Then, the prophet turned to abubakr and said, “You are siddique.”
Tafsir Qummi, 1/289

Again maybe the brothers know the grading?

Sahifa e Sajjadiya of Ali Zayn Al Abideen ibn Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abu Talib, Dua 4: Blessings upon the attesters to the Messengers:

O Allah, and as for the Companions of Muhammad specifically, those who did well in companionship, who stood the good test in helping him, responded to him when he made them hear his messages' argument, separated from mates and children in manifesting his word, fought against fathers and sons in strengthening his prophecy, and through him gained victory; those who were wrapped in affection for him, hoping for a commerce that comes not to naught in love for him; those who were left by their clans when they clung to his handhold and denied by their kinsfolk when they rested in the shadow of his kinship; forget not,
O Allah, what they abandoned for Thee and in Thee, and make them pleased with Thy good pleasure for the sake of the creatures they drove to Thee while they were with Thy Messenger, summoners to Thee for Thee. Show gratitude to them for leaving the abodes of their people for Thy sake and going out from a plentiful livelihood to a narrow one, and [show gratitude to] those of them who became objects of wrongdoing and whom Thou multiplied in exalting Thy religion.
O Allah, and give to those who have done well in following the Companions, who say, Our Lord, forgive us and our brothers who went before us in faith, Thy best reward; those who went straight to the Companions' road, sought out their course, and proceeded in their manner. No doubt concerning their sure insight diverted them and no uncertainty shook them from following in their tracks and being led by the guidance of their light. As their assistants and supporters, they professed their religion, gained guidance through their guidance, came to agreement with them, and never accused them in what they passed on to them.
O Allah, and bless the Followers, from this day of ours to the Day of Doom, their wives, their offspring, and those among them who obey Thee, with a blessing through which Thou wilt preserve them from disobeying Thee, make room for them in the plots of Thy Garden, defend them from the trickery of Satan, help them in the piety in which they seek help from Thee, protect them from sudden events that come by night and day - except the events which come with good - and incite them to tie firmly the knot of good hope in Thee, what is with Thee, and refrain from ill thoughts [toward Thee] because of what the hands of Thy servants' hold.

 Nahjul Balagha, vol.3, p.648, sharif al radi:

"In the beginning of our matter, the people of Sham and us met. It is obvious that our God is one, our Prophet is one, and our call in Islam is one. We do not see ourselves more in faith in Allah or more in believing His messenger than them, nor they do. Our matter is one, except for our disagreement in Uthman’s blood, and we are innocent from his murder."


Re: Sunni beliefs in shia books
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The sahaba continued:

Nahjul Balagha Sermon 166
After swearing allegiance to Imam, some companions of the Prophet said to him, "You should punish the people who assaulted Uthman," whereupon he said:
O my brothers! I am not ignorant of what you know, but how do I have the power for it while those who assaulted him are in the height of their power. They have superiority over us, not we over them. They are now in the position that even your slaves have risen with them and Bedouin Arabs too have joined them. They are now among you and are harming you as they like. Do you see any way to be able to do what you aim at?


Re: Sunni beliefs in shia books
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Folding hands in prayer:

From Ali in khisal of sadooq:

"When anyone of  you stand for prayer (salaah) than he should place his hands on his chest."

Any comments on this?


Re: Sunni beliefs in shia books
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Here is a narration where Imam Jafar confirms the 'Bakri' pillars of Islam.

Ali ibn Muhammad has narrated from certain persons of his people from Adam
ibn Ishaq from ‘Abd al-Razzaq from ibn Mihran from al-Husayn ibn Maymun
from Muhammad ibn Salim from abu Ja’far, recipient of divine supreme
covenant, who has said the following:[/b]

Evidence of this (more serious sins) is the words of Allah, the
Most Majestic, the Most Holy, about them on their being
brought together in fire, “The last group will accuse the first
saying, ‘Lord, they made us go astray. Therefore, double their
torment in the Fire . . .’” (7:38) They will condemn and accuse
each other. They argue in the hope of winning but there will be
no winning, trial or acceptance of excuses and there will be no
way to safety. Such verses and similar other ones were revealed
in Makka. Allah does not send to fire anyone except the pagans.
When Allah granted Muhammad permission to leave Makka for
Madina he spoke of Islam having five principles:
‘To testify that no one deserves to be worshipped except Allah,
that Muhammad is His servant and His messenger, that
performing the prayer, paying al-Zakat (charity), Hajj of the
House and fasting in the month of Ramadan are obligatory.
( al Kafi Volume 2, H 1506, CH 14, h 1)


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