The Imams Used Different Methods to Deal With Politics

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The Imams Used Different Methods to Deal With Politics
« on: July 20, 2015, 02:57:35 AM »
According to the 12ers whatever the Imams says or does is infallible. In another words they saying it equal to the  revelations(wahi). However, if you look at the  history the imams responded to political challenges in their own ways. For example when Imam Ali (as) was asked to face Muwaiyah, and when he was pushed for Caliphate he advised the Muslims to appoint another leader. Next in  the aftermath of arbitration  he continued to handle the leadership affair until he was assassinated. Now when Imam Al Hassan (as) took power, he decided to test the water and when he saw it was hopeless to lead he gave up the position under  an agreement with Muawiyah. When Imam Hussain (as) comes into power he challenges Yazid upfront, and decided to show him he that he rather die then allow Yazid to force the bayah on him.

When one studies this part of history, how can we logically conclude that these decisions where appointed by Allah(swt)? Instead this look more like qualified ijetihad which wasn't equal to the status of Wahi.


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