The Majoosi (Zoroastrian) reality of Mullah Baqir Majlisi’s Twelver creed

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Ebn Hussein

Salam 'alaykum,

From sonsofsunnah facebook page:

I (admin) apologise for the delay, but this is the most detailed treatise you will ever find in the English language (in fact I've translated text from Arabic and Persian websites, some stuff that even shocked myself). This is a detailed treatise (of over 9000 words) divided in 8 sections, illustrating the heretical and Sassanian-Zoroastrian (Majoosi) nature of Twelver Shiism that was propagated by the Safavids and their palace scholar Mullah Baqir Majlisi (فضح الله سرهم) and their followers to this very day. Trust me, you will be shocked by the amount of kufr and Majoosiyyah that has infiltrated the 12er sect, stuff that many gullible ignorants who are either tolerant and leaning towards accepting Shiism should be aware of. Here the link to the article:
الإمام الشافعي رحمه الله
لم أر أحداً من أهل الأهواء أشهد بالزور من الرافضة! - الخطيب في الكفاية والسوطي.

Imam Al-Shafi3i - may Allah have mercy upon him - said: "I have not seen among the heretics a people more famous for falsehood than the Rafidah." [narrated by Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi/Al-Kifayah]

Al Dukhan

Wa'alaikum assalaam brother, good link+work !
Jazak'Allah khair


Great article, I'd spread it if I were u guys!
عَلامَةُ أَهْلِ الْبِدَعِ الْوَقِيعَةُ فِي أَهْلِ الأَثَرِ. وَعَلامَةُ الْجَهْمِيَّةِ أَنْ يُسَمُّوا أَهْلَ السُّنَّةِ مُشَبِّهَةً. وَعَلامَةُ الْقَدَرِيَّةِ أَنْ يُسَمُّوا أَهْلَ السُّنَّةِ مُجَبِّرَةً. وَعَلامَةُ الزَّنَادِقَةِ أَنْ يُسَمُّوا أَهْلَ الأَثَرِ حَشْوِيَّةً

Religion = simple & clear


The Safavids corrupted the 12er Shia sect to another level.


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