How to escape the cycle of rebellion and blindness....

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How to escape the cycle of rebellion and blindness....
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There has been a reminder one after another, but humanity has always either been rebellious towards it or playfully neglecting their duty towards it.

There was a constant way when people instead of being guided by the guidance would neglect it.

1. Essential to Satan misguiding people is making people rely on words of others just as much as the words of the family the reminder of the time.  The family of the reminder of the time are suppose to be who people turn to when they are lost and who sight is to be sought from blindness. Instead it becomes an issue of blind leading the blind.

2. Fabricate sayings and attribute them to the chosen leaders has always been a tactic. As people become confused as to what is truly said by God and the Leaders he appointed, people feel the need to rely on fallible people to determine for them what is a trustworthy or true saying as opposed to distinguishing by the help of light from God. The books and it's designated Captains would lead by light and give insight. It is through insight and reason that truth would be distinguished from falsehood.  Instead of resorting to what would take effort, people, sought an easy way out where they picked which leaders they would deem as reliable to determine what is reliable although what they did had no proof from God and they chose through blindness.

3. The number of successors to the founder was always important in each cycle when God brings about illumination through his revelation and chosen ones.  But people try to belittle the number and make the number about trivial things.   No doubt the issue of succession needed a clarification of the number as people on the aftermath would need to know the number. What makes sense is that God would give a clear guidance in the past regarding this as he would today. In the case of the tone of Quran, the number Twelve is shown to be emphasized that as well in the past Umma, the Bani-Israel, there was a covenant taken and twelve Captains had risen over them.

4.   The Quran as it is protected and so then it's message of the designation of the family of guidance is protected, however, due to the strength of the sorcery on the hearts, people are mixing authority of the family of the reminder with that of people claiming to represent them and represent God and the Messenger, they are coming thirsty to people to lead them and guide them as they should come thirsty to Ahlulbayt.  God has always provided a leader and guide who can help us distinguish the true sayings left by his family as a legacy from falsehood. But people are not coming thirsty to Ahlulbayt nor are they sincere to Quran. 

5.  As the Quran is protected,  Satan must convince people to play pretend that it doesn't teach clear things we are opposing.  People then come to Quran to impose their opinion on Quran rather then Quran being their leader.  The Imam of time needs us to be sincere to Quran and recite sincerely so that he can guide us through it. But people are insincere to guidance because they love their fallible leaders and the system they are in and the society they are in like the love they have for God.

6.  Instead of focusing what is on for certain and what we know for certain and work are way up to what is ambigious and will become clear if we clarify through what is clear, we focus on conjecture and what is doubtful.

7. The other issue is that Satan causes us to belittle a Quranic verse or hadith from the Prophet or Imams such that we become so distanced from faith but we don't realize it.  The issue is these are being said from a holy place and revealed in a holy tone and majestic awe tone, with deep wisdom and deep insight, that if we belittle them and try to de-signify them, we are but disbelievers trying to justify the worship of the jibt and taghut in the name of following God and the Prophet.

8. The solution is very easy, it's to have Taqwa of God such that we are afraid of loving others on par with God. Our fallible leaders are not worthy iota worthy of atom's worthy when compared to the chosen ones let alone God!  So we should make our intention pure for God and be ready to sacrifice any attachments to any leaders we have.

As leadership is something God has taken upon himself to do and to guide us through his representatives, we ought to with love accept his gift and not be envious of those who has graced for the loss of our own ego or sectarian heroes.

God's curse at the end to each people who came with opposition to God's reminders and their designated families in each era.

May God heal our hearts and may he Guide us to the straight path, the path lead by the leaders who guide by his command.

Love of the family of Yaseen is the light of the heavens and the earth.


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