When ones hates the truth and prefers the falsehood.

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When ones hates the truth and prefers the falsehood.
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This is a state that not only Quran warns of, but warns to the degree, that this pathetic state became the epidemic state of many nations in the past.

When truth no longer matters, when one is so submerged in their idols, that they don't care what is really the means to know God and walk towards his light.

The Israelites as per Quran thought that such a trial would not touch them, that, they were a sincere people, devoted to God, and that they would not become blind and deaf.

The holy books of their Prophets didn't avail them at the end, and they followed sorcery and could not distinguish between falsehood and truth.

Among the reasons they fell, was because, of rebellion towards one another, out of envy. This stems from the falsehood of the "I" Satan wants us to hold on to but is really Satan and has no relationship to God and hence no true existence.

They lacked fear of God and took the religion as play and games. It was something fun for them.

The joker card Iblis plays on humanity, is always the last card that trumpes all. When all fails, he turns to make a mockery of God's Messengers, his books, the path, and the unseen guide and leader.

The signs of God are mocked and the path towards God and his holy name, is belittled.

It's nothing but a game for the people that Israelites followed and who they deemed purified and leaders.

These leaders continued to mislead them even when Mohammad came with clear proofs and miracles.

Who to trust? What door to come to? Isn't it upon God to show the way and establish this door?

This is what Quran argues, that even if Mohammad was ignorant and in need of knowledge regarding guidance, he would have to turn to the family of the reminder of the time. Of course, he being the reminder, that verse was saying, say for the sake of argument you were ignorant, you would of have turn to the family of the reminder of the time.

This doesn't matter if the current guide would be in China or North America during that time, it was saying, surely in turning to the family of the reminder, God will teach you the ways and endow you knowledge.

As Quran makes a clear case for chosen families in the past, it's saying, surely a reminder and it's family exists to humanity.

If you don't know, seek to know the reminder, and seek to know it's family. Because that is clear,  the guides would come as people close to one another in ways no one is so united and close to each other then them.

The context of the verse in Suratal Nahl and Suratal Anbiya in the two respective Surahs as well as the whole of Quran, no doubt, shows that is the proper interpretation.

The question is what prevents your hearts and makes you allergic to such recitation?

Why is that the context of Ulil-Amr escapes you? Why does what the whole Quran has emphasized on chosen families escape your mind when recitation Ayat Tatheer?

What makes you belittle the covenant and it's relationship to twelve, even though Quran swears by the Mount Sinai.

What makes you think Aaron was meant to only be a temporary leader while all of Quran shows the way God uses his chosen ones and they succeed one another, the younger from the elder.

What makes you believe in the falsehood so much?  What you are so immersed in the dark magic that you belittle the beautiful recitation and interpretation of Ahlulbayt, which is only worthy interpretation and the one Quran itself when reflected about manifests.

It's because of the great injustice of Iblis, you let him overcome you, and you let the female sorcerers who are really the ones in control of humanity, ruling through men they have in their palms of their hand, deceive you.

What is your cure? The cure is to begin to look within. To see the name of God that is with you.

The name of God by which God gives light to all things, is the cure.

What that name is and the knowledge, that is the center of the Quran.

The Quran argues surely it's the Guide and leader that God has chosen as a means and who took such mantle when he reached the state of certainty and patience. They are the definition of patience, and are the patience we are meant to seek help from.

They are the help of God, the leaders who guide by his command.

By the name of God blessed is who in his hands is the authority and he has control over all things.

With peace and wishing you well.
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Re: When ones hates the truth and prefers the falsehood.
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