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Re: Saqifa - ATT: Iceman
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i dont know why i reply to a mentally ill person, but anyway Quran muslim have today has reached us from those "misguided" sahaba. Try finding  your hidden quran, dont use ours 😁
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Re: Saqifa - ATT: Iceman
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you gotta be joking rite? For sunni, Saqifah finished 1000+ yr ago, the only group which prolong it is not us, but only that extreme backstabbing liar of a sect with contradictory version of history.
hehehe...this is what u wrote:
....They cant even answer a simple question why ansar whom they said were against Abu Bakr & co ended up choosing Abu bakr & gave him legitimacy. The more excuses they make, the more ridiculous it sounds.
i've quoted from kitab-ul-saqifah.....
anyway, the word from hazrat umar himself is enuf evidence for me: it's not a sunnah from kulafa ar-rasyidin, to be repeated/followed. but of course, no two persons have the same level of comprehension skills. maybe u r rite. Allah will let us know in what we differed.


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