Shi'i Imamah has no basis in the Qur'an

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Ibn Yahya

Shi'i Imamah has no basis in the Qur'an
« on: August 18, 2015, 03:46:57 PM »
I think we can all agree that most Shi'is would say that Musa ibn Imran ('Alayhi Salatu wa s-Salaam) was the Imam of his time as they often use as a proof for Shi'ism (which in fact it's not)


And [mention, O Muhammad], when Abraham was tried by his Lord with commands and he fulfilled them. [ Allah ] said, "Indeed, I will make you a leader for the people." [Abraham] said, "And of my descendants?" [ Allah ] said, "My covenant does not include the wrongdoers."

What they fail to understand is that all of the Quraysh are descendants of Ibrahim but as usual Shi'is tend to overlook things deliberately to avoid recognising their logic is flawed. But that is not the subject of this anyway. The point is Musa must of been the Imam of his time and most Shi'is would agree.

But what doesn't make sense is that they say the Imam is infallible and the most knowledgeable person of his time.

But in these ( Qur'anic verses it shows Khidhr became Musa's tutor and we also see Musa not being knowledgeable on an aspect of the religion. So it makes no sense that Musa be the Imam, so the question is, who is?


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