You're tool of Saudi Barbaria

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Kaveh Darius

You're tool of Saudi Barbaria
« on: June 09, 2017, 12:27:22 AM »
 Anyone with primary  comprehension of Middle-east, are able to see that youre all a bunch of loathful Wahabi working for your overlords in Riyadh. And no, you are not restricted to be from Saudi Barbaria to be their wahabi instrument. And to those who claim to oppose all dictators including the Saudis, and assert this regimes do not represent the Arab majority aspiration, as this regimes have been supporting dictators like Sissi or other dictators to be in power rather than the general majority made of MB and other moderate Islamists working for better political alternative than the regimes in the region, ill say you are still a wahhabi and a Saudi puppet.

Whats more notably, must of you often focus on Syria, and hypocriticaly assert to be against all dictators. In spite of frequently posting of false news like the  orchestrated fake toxic attack in Syria, so the terrorist could buy themselves more time,  Still Yemen, in comparison to Syria, are less talked about and are more of a shadow of Syria. The largest terrorist and despot in the globe, the Saudi barbaria,  are orchestrating the must EXTENSIVE MASS MURDER in the world right now in Yemen, starving and murdering 100 000 of innocent people .You're all a bunch of wahabi cowards, HYPOCRITES and PHONIES, like your pimps in Saudi barbaria.


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Re: You're tool of Saudi Barbaria
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2017, 05:13:15 PM »
The evil Iranian regime, responsible for the genocide in Syria, that you support is responsible for the crisis in Yemen - their backed militia have taken the Yemenis hostage and are responsible for the killings of Yemenis and shelling their towns. Since we, Ahl-sunnah, are fair people we say Saudi is also responsible for loss of lives in that poor country. We don't support Saudi - if they commit crimes we condemn it unlike you people who are blinded by sectarianism and keep quite about the crimes of the Iranian regime. 

I expected you to have a serious discussion and defend your sect that falsely claims to be following Ahlulbayt but you jumped to politics with your usual one sided biased analysis.

There are already couple of active threads about this. No need for a new one. Thread locked!

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