Did Abu Bakr(as) question his daughter's lineage?

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Did Abu Bakr(as) question his daughter's lineage?
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Refutation by brother @TheAynGhayn

What really happened?
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This specific scenario is not the full narration. This narration has also been brought in Siyar A'laam An Nubala with more detail. The fact is, The Prophet ﷺ and Ayesha RA were actually joking/playing a prank with Abu Bakr RA. Heres the narration.

Abu Bakr RA sought permission to enter on The Prophet ﷺ and Ayesha RA was raising her voice. So Abu Bakr RA said Oh Daughter of so & so, Do you raise your voice infront of The Messenger ﷺ? The Prophet ﷺ then turned towards both of them then Abu Bakr RA left. The Prophet ﷺ then started making Ayesha RA laugh, and said, Didn't you see i turned towards the man & you? Then Abu Bakr RA requested entry a second time and heard both of them laughing. Then he said, include me in both of your happiness just as you included me in both of your attack'

This is the whole narration.

What did this Dajjaal claim?

- Shoaib Arnaut says this chain of narrators is strong here aswell

- The narration has been narrated by Numan bin Bashir as well. which removed doubt of it being a diff narration. Even if it had different narrators, Usul ul Hadith would state Jam' (combining) the 2 is whats done

 This Dajjaal doesn't know Arabic. He said Bint Fulaanah! not Fulaan. referring to The Mother, so he didn't deny its his daughter, nor is it an attack on her lineage.
Rolling on the floor laughing

- Disrespectful of Ayesha? Are you an idiot. she was in her teens and her father has every right to Discipline her child. if it was wrong, wouldnt the Prophet ﷺ have objected?

- Where does it say she screamed? it says she raised her voice. Plus The Prophet ﷺ was in on it. which is clear from The Narration i brought, it was all a joke.

- You attack Abu Bakr RA by saying he disrespects Ayesha RA, but then you bring the very Ayaah to attack Ayesha RA which Abu Bakr RA told her off for? You Hypocritical Kath'aab.

- Ayesha RA didn't testify anything? Did she used this word
in either narration? or are you just lying again?

- In either narration, where does it say 'angry irrational rant' and 'jealousy'?
From my understanding the Prophet ﷺ laughed with her and Abu Bakr RA heard them laughing and requested to be part of the fun and joy

- Ayesha RA made a statement in order to play an innocent prank on her father with The Prophet ﷺ. This actually shows the beautiful relationship between Ayesha RA & The Prophet ﷺ.

- This Dajjaal doesnt know Arabic but is quoting Arabic sources

He said Daughter of Fulaanah (female) NOT Daughter of Fulaan (male), how was his fatherhood questioned?

So what lineage is questioned here?

Look again at his lies, how he twists narrations, doesnt even know basic arabic properly all to push an agenda.

Wallahi he is a liar.
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