`Ali: `A'ishah is the mother of believers (men & women)

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`Ali: `A'ishah is the mother of believers (men & women)
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`Ali's opinion on whether `A'ishah is the mother of all believers or just the mother of the men.

The chain:

حَدَّثَنَا أَحْمَدُ بْنُ عَبْدِ اللَّهِ ، قال : حَدَّثَنَا زَائِدَةُ ، عَنْ عَمْرِو بْنِ قَيْسٍ ، عَنْ زَيْدِ بْنِ وَهْبٍ ، قَالَ

[We were told by Ahmad bin `Abdullah, he said: Za'idah told us, from `Amro bin Qays, from Zayd bin Wahb, he said (etc...)]

Ahmad bin `Abdullah bin Yunus: Thiqah Hafiz.
Za'idah bin Qudamah: Thiqah Thabt.
`Umar bin Qays: Thiqah.
Zayd bin Wahb: Thiqah.

The relevant part:

فَلَمْ يَكُنْ قِتَالُهُمْ إِلَّا تِلْكَ الْعَشِيَّةَ وَحْدَهَا , فَجَاءُوا بِالْغَدِ يُكَلِّمُونَ عَلِيًّا فِي الْغَنِيمَةِ فَقَرَأَ عَلِيٌّ هَذِهِ الْآيَةُ , فَقَالَ : " أَمَا إِنَّ اللَّهَ يَقُولُ : وَاعْلَمُوا أَنَّمَا غَنِمْتُمْ مِنْ شَيْءٍ فَأَنَّ لِلَّهِ خُمُسَهُ وَلِلرَّسُولِ سورة الأنفال آية 41 أَيُّكُمْ لِعَائِشَةَ ؟ " فَقَالُوا : سُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ , أُمُّنَا , فَقَالَ : " أَحَرَامٌ هِيَ ؟ " قَالُوا : نَعَمْ , قَالَ عَلِيٌّ : " فَإِنَّهُ يَحْرُمُ مِنْ بَنَاتِهَا مَا يَحْرُمُ مِنْهَا

[(etc...) Their battle lasted only that night, then on the next day they (the soldiers) came to ask `Ali for their share of the booty so `Ali recited to them: {Know that, whatever booty you take, the fifth of it is God's, and the Messenger's} [8:41] `Ali then told them: "Who shall take `A'ishah?" (meaning as part of their share) They responded: "Glory be to Allah, our mother!?" He replied: "Why not, is she forbidden?" They said: "Yes!" `Ali said to them: "If she is forbidden for you then so are her daughters!" (...etc)]

Source: Musannaf ibn abi Shaybah, kitab-ul-Jamal.

Point is, `Ali prohibited his men from taking any of the spoils of war in the battle of al-Jamal since the opponents were Muslims, so when a group of his men asked for their shares from war, he replied in an intelligent way and showed them that they cannot claim their own mother `A'ishah and therefore they cannot claim any of her daughters (Muslim women).

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عَلامَةُ أَهْلِ الْبِدَعِ الْوَقِيعَةُ فِي أَهْلِ الأَثَرِ. وَعَلامَةُ الْجَهْمِيَّةِ أَنْ يُسَمُّوا أَهْلَ السُّنَّةِ مُشَبِّهَةً. وَعَلامَةُ الْقَدَرِيَّةِ أَنْ يُسَمُّوا أَهْلَ السُّنَّةِ مُجَبِّرَةً. وَعَلامَةُ الزَّنَادِقَةِ أَنْ يُسَمُّوا أَهْلَ الأَثَرِ حَشْوِيَّةً

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Re: `Ali: `A'ishah is the mother of believers (men & women)
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Oh wow, awesome find Hani.


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